Sep 5, 2011

32 is a great far

So I turned 32 on Friday.
I am feeling like I am old enough to be 32 and that makes me just feel old.
However, this year my birthday has shaped up to be one of the best ever. I figure the year should be a pretty good one then too, right?

Monday night my girl friends took me out for dinner at Cheesecake factory and then a little fun shopping at Forever 21. Actually, we left when the store closed at 10pm. We probably saw every piece of clothing and jewelry that was displayed in the whole huge 3 story store. I guess we don't get out much. We all have young kids. We have an excuse.

Tuesday morning was Tone's last day at home before leaving for work for a few days so he and the kids got up and made me breakfast in bed. This picture below is what they brought me in the morning. Can you see all the kid legs surrounding me? They were certainly making sure I had my breakfast and felt loved.

I certainly did. See the mimosa and coffee with whipped cream? My morning was off to an excellent start. Yes, I am wearing a green t-shirt and heart pants to sleep in. I feel that matching pj's at night are optional. In defense, that t-shirt is super soft.

Then Tone paid for an afternoon spa day downtown while he watched the kids. My face (a facial), pretty toes (pedicure), and muscles (hour massage) thank you, babe. It was amazing!

Then it was a night out at Chevy's. Chosen because kids eat free on Tuesdays. We were put in the back with all the other families with young kids. That was probably a good plan because dinner out with children isn't exactly a "date" and they eat so little it's best to eat on a free night. Yay for birthdays!

The birthday continued because I have been visiting my family over the holiday weekend, and have so much more to share with you about all of our fun.
Including my sister's maternity pictures I took! I've just been gone for five days though so I'll post more when I get them edited.

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  1. hey jenny! happy belated birthday! i turned 32 in july =) ok, so go to my blog tomorrow or anytime after midnight my time [i'm in alabama] and link up for wordless wednesday. it's a way for you to get your blog out there. i was invited by another blogger and i am really excited. hope to see you there. it seems like a great way to get readers. when i linked today i was #2. by the time i was done w/my post there were 16 =) awesome! ttyl!