Sep 30, 2011

And the Twins Are....

Katie had another ultrasound today. She found out for sure what she is having.
Here is hint number 1:

Here is hint #2. I just love this etsy shop and all of their cute prints.

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

So you guessed it. Pretty obvious right? Twin girls. How exciting is that? They were hoping for at least one girl as their first wish. I guess they hit the jackpot.

I guess it's fitting that I posted pictures of uber girly shoes today. It's the day for GIRLS!


  1. How exciting! Two girls! I have to say, everyone seems to be having boys these days. It will be exciting to see what you end up making for them! And as a twin, I love the matchy matchy thing, except when non-twins do it.

  2. Yay! That's so exciting! Now that I have a 5 day old baby girl Munchkin, I'm loving how much fun little girls are! Ack, the clothes are just too cute! And x2, siiigh :)

    I bet their Auntie is going to have lots of fun! (And your sis will probably appreciate being on the receiving end of Ainsley and Tessa's clothes, too!)

    ♥ Bethany