Sep 6, 2011

Katie's Maternity Pictures

I took Brad and Katie's maternity shots this weekend. I thought I would share just a few of my faves. She is 23 weeks and hopefully finding out on Monday's ultrasound what these two are.

When we got to the park the first thing we saw were these huge purple dinosaurs. Guess what we made a straight beeline for? Because clearly...if there is a purple dinosaur....

One must definitely ride it. For the twin's sake.After getting off the dinosaur, we decided to take at least one normal shot before we got sidetracked again. It's my sister and I so that was probably a good call. We make silly dumb photos look GOOD....and therefore mostly forget to be normal.
Two onesies for two little babies.
Brad is making it look like she is having four. But it's actually not a litter and just two.
We had to get the heart hands shot that is like the "token" shot that every single photographer who has ever done maternity pictures has done. You know it's not a photo shoot without at least one cliche shot. Here ya go.

We saw this tree and I said, "Yes, yes we must take pictures THERE." Good call. It was the fattest, most amazing tree ever with the sun right behind it. I took several shots with this setup but here is my very fave.Then I got closer to the trunk and took more close ups.
We ended the shoot with lots of silly shots around the tree trunk. Here is just a sampling for ya. I think they will be fun parental units for sure.
There were a ton more goodies from our shoot, but you get the idea. She's adorable and they make a cute couple.
P.S. Yes, she's only 23 weeks. I know. This is why we didn't wait until the end to take the maternity shots. We were going for cute.


  1. You should go pro and your sister is adorable!

  2. oh you seriously captured the best moments =) they seem to be so silly and easy going. you should do another shoot just because she is just that cute. i was stopping by also to let you know about a free site that can get your business out there...something to think about =)