Sep 14, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Not only did I take my sister's maternity pictures, but I had a blast Labor Day weekend visiting my parents in Monterey. My parents and kids got in on the purple dinosaur action too.We had a beach day at my favorite beach in Monterey. Tone and I got engaged at this beach, and I've swum here since I was six years old. So you could say it's special. Auntie Katie took Tessa for a spin on her shaky legs (but as of today, she can walk the length of the living room by herself!).
We all helped build a sand pile that Tessa tried to pull down as fast as we all could pile it up.
Hunter and Brad were really the only ones brave enough to spend anytime in the icy cold water. The water on my side of the USA is super cold all year long. Bummer.
I still put my feet in. Tessa really wanted in, but she was thinking it was like nice warm lake water. Wrong!The beach was so crowded on Saturday and it had a very festive atmosphere. There wasn't much beach as the tide was all the way up so the kayaks, party tents and beach goers were all smooshed together. There was even a wedding going on up on the grassy point.Ainsley spent forever launching herself off of this wall into the arms of Uncle Brad - whom she just happens to worship. The top of it which is as tall as Brad's head. No fear.
Then we walked up the steps to the snack shop. Ainsley got a gumball. She was thrilled. She was hoping for pink and got red which I told her was just dark pink. Good enough for her. She stuffed it and had chipmunk cheeks. She doesn't have pants on because she was playing in the water.
We also got ice cream and onion rings at the snack shop on the beach. Tessa LOVES ice cream and yells for it!
We met up with my stepbrother and his wife at our favorite pizza place in Monterey - Gianni's! It's soooo good! They came for a couple days too over the weekend. It was a full house!
On Monday we went to Happy Hollow Park which is a preschool park with rides and a zoo. All of the kids just loved it! The carousel and mini roller coaster was a big hit along with the little monkeys in the zoo.
I don't know but the beach, snack shops, gumball machines, gourmet pizza, carousels...don't they just scream summer to you? It certainly was a fun last blast of summer for the year.

So I was gone from Thursday to Tuesday. Then I was home for two days and then we turned around and went camping on Friday over the weekend. I'm mostly unpacked but now I have three weeks of laundry washed and dumped on my bedroom floor to now fold and put away. I need a vacation from vacation! I'll post the camping trip soon.


  1. No wonder it's been so quiet around here! I knew you had a good vacation story and pictures on the way. I just love Tessa's little jeans. Looks like you all had a great time!