Sep 1, 2011

A Moment for Pigtails

Today was a proud moment for me.

Today was the first day Tessa wore her hair in pigtails for more than 5 minutes. She wore them like this all through church.
*sniff* That's my girl!

Tessa has much coarser hair than Ainsley. It's thicker and coarse like Hunter's and mine. Ainsley has thin fly-away hair that she wants so desperately to get long like Rapunzel's or at least like mine she says. Here is Ainsley's hair on her second birthday where she had about the same amount that Tessa has now. We called her "Cindy Lou Who" from the book, "The Grinch".

I would say Tessa has her solidly beat in the hair department. For the record, Tessa is 14 months.

I think Tessa will be doing a lot better than that by her second birthday.

Sorry Ainsley. And get used to the competition...on everything. It's kinda a sibling right of passage.

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