Sep 23, 2011

New Girl, New Blankie

My apologies for another post with kids in the same outfits, but I took a series of photos on Wednesday morning that lent itself to several different posts. I was actually taking pictures of a fun activity we did, and I'll share that tomorrow. While I was setting it up though, Tessa was following me around, tottering on her newly found legs and pulling her blankie behind her. I couldn't resist some pictures. I thought I would share some of her with her blanket which now needs to go everywhere with her. My other two became attached to their blankets (Ainsley still very much is, and Hunter still often has his at night), and wondered if Tessa would .
That would be a yes.
Here she is with it in October of last year rolling around. Boy, was she a chunky baby, and she has slimmed down and gotten so tall and skinny (that would be a family pattern).
The funny girl can barely walk yet and she insists on carrying her blanket everywhere which gets caught all up in her legs. Usually, she's carrying it as high as she can under her chin with both hands while she tries to get across the room without tripping on it or her own feet. Something that is still hard for her to do WITHOUT the blanket. Silly girl!
She likes to just put her head on it and rest whenever she gets tired.
Tessa is a climber which is makes the blanket even funnier. She pulls it up behind her everywhere she goes. There is a little rocker which sits in the living room, and she pushes it around and uses it as a stool to get up on furniture. Somehow, she manages to get her blankie up there as well every time.
Ainsley still NEVER forgets her blankie ("Nanny" as she has always affectionately called it for some unknown reason) and has even snuck it into her Sunday School Class when I wasn't paying attention. It also travels with her everywhere around the house. Here we go with girl and blanket number 2. And if I forget to put Tessa's in the car with her, she tries to steal Ainsley's.
You can probably imagine how that goes over.
For the sake of my sanity, I try to remember.

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  1. You mean, you don't keep your kids in the same clothes for days on end? ;-)

    I love trying to picture Tessa toddling around, balancing on her new-found legs while carrying a blanket that looks as heavy as she is! Too cute!

    ♥ Bethany