Sep 28, 2011

Series in Red: Polka Dots Shoes

Seriously, I don't think that any series in red is complete without black and white polka dots with red accents. You just don't get more iconic than that right? I would love a skirt like the one up above. Worn with red heels of course.
It's not just in clothing styles: How about this cute little table for two? I would be very happy sitting here. Maybe with a good book or companion and some yummy coffee.

Anyhow, out I pulled my black and white stash of fabric which I have used only for black and white shoes. The limited color choice of only black and white has worked well since one pair happens to be a best seller in the shop: The Little Black Dress Shoes. However, this is red week, so we are going bright!
This time I made them a more elegant ankle strap bootie, and gathered up and piled on a bunch of red satin. I wanted to stay away from cutesy flowers and make this style a little more up-town as polka dots can go either way but often very quickly get too cute for me. These ended up perfect in my opinion as darling for a baby, but still elegant.
While I could actually add these to the shop as the materials are more readily available than on some of my other shoes, I'm not sure I want to because the gathered red satin is pretty time intensive. I think for now, this is the only pair I will be selling. They are size 12 months or 4.75 inches long (approximately a size 3 or 4). The paypal button below will let you purchase them if you are the first buyer.

Polka dot booties with red satin in size 12 months:

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