Sep 27, 2011

Series in Red: Sea Foam and Red Velvet Shoes

Isn't this above photo just gorgeous? It's a vintage Vogue photograph and I just love it! I've wanted a red swimsuit cut in a vintage style for a while now. Anyhow, what really grabbed me was the colors. The blue is just a perfect sea foam color. Not quite a sky blue, but infused with some teal and yellow-green. I immediately thought of some perfect hand-dyed vintage fabric that was this perfect color. I love the color because it's a perfect happy blue. Not sky blue, not a bright teal, and not quite green either.
I wish you could see here, but since the fabric is hand-dyed, it has lovely shades and slight pretty color variances. This first photo seems to have gotten the shade pictured just right. And because I loved seeing the texture on the ladies hats, I decided to add in some texture by adding a swatch of red velvet across the toe. I gathered the swatch with a vintage button sewn on.
These shoes are very fun and happy while being a bit luxurious. They were made in size 6 months or size 2. I can see them worn with some jeans and pretty floral shirt.
As I said before, this little pair is available for sale. I am only making the one pair. Since they are special and one-of-a-kind with unique trimmings and fabric they will be selling for $35 (just a little more than my shop shoes which are made of supplies which are more readily available for duplication) plus $2 shipping. Click on the secure paypal link below to purchase:

Sea Foam and Red Velvet in size 6 months:


  1. Very cute. I love the contrast. Now I want to see you go for an all red shoe, maybe something in various shades of red. Will you dare to go all red?

  2. Oh, cute! I'm loving these little shoes.

  3. I have made an all red shoe. :-) It's red velvet and satin and it's in my shop. Later in this series I will be posting an all red boot. Red is a hard color to incorporate because it's so vibrant so I'm finding that this challenge is really stretching me to use it in various ways. It's quite fun!