Oct 1, 2011

All Red Shoes

Just in case you were wondering if I ever have designed an all red shoe in the past....

...that would be yes. Yes I have. Here are some examples:

The Sophia Shoe in red velvet (designed last winter and available in the shop here).

The Leilani baby boot. Ok, not technically all red, but pretty close. One of the first boot patterns I ever made. Should I bring it back?The Evangeline shoe. I designed these last Christmas and they are available here.
The Amelia shoes. The first pair of red shoes I ever designed and no longer available.
One thing I have discovered when incorporating red in shoes in past experiences, it's such a bright color, it's hard to get a design to look right when it's incorporated. That's why two weeks in a series in red is such a challenge to me. I do have one more design coming that's in all red (not just a red accent). It's an all red boot. I'm pretty much in love with them.

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