Oct 14, 2011

The Big Fresno Fair

So we decided to hit the Big Fresno Fair on Wednesday since it was free entrance with our homeschooling group.

They ought to just name the fair this sign below, since that's pretty much all there is to eat there:I refuse to eat such over priced gross food. Though it smelled amazing the whole time we were there. I just like taking pictures of all the bright food signs without actually eating anything. Note to self: Never go to the fair hungry.

Nope. With my iron will in check, we had the kids do other amazing things such as milk a fake cow and then watch the real dairy cows get milked. Whoo hoo! Isn't the fair amazing! They were mildly impressed and then started asking for food.
We were ambling along looking at all the other livestock when we walked up to the sheep pen. Mama Sheep, right next to fence, was birthing. Really truly. It crossed my mind that this was supposed to be new life and a miracle, but really all I was thinking was,
"That's really super gross."
Then she had another one. Twinseys. I just thought I would share some of this loveliness with you after she's cleaned it up a bit and he doesn't look like a yellow sticky blob and you can recognize it for a lamb. You're welcome.
Standing by the sheep pen I had a "celebrity moment". Kinda.
I met a blogger in real life. How about that? She recognized me, and we said "HI!", because we read each other's blog but have never met. Joni totally made my day. I love that kind of thing!

We did a lot of walking, watched a magician, played on an amazing play structure, saw some of the exhibit buildings...and the kids were begging for rides at this point. And food...but I still have my iron will in check.

Moving on, we decided to pay $14 and let the kids ride 7 rides each. Random number but it seemed good at the time.
Yep, 7 rides a piece ended up being perfect.On the way out, I had Tone take a picture of me with the creepy clown trashcan. Because clearly...if there is a creapy clown trashcan, one must do this kind of thing. Tone didn't even ask questions. He's used to my strange picture ideas.We forced the kids back across the whole fair, to the car and past all those amazing food signs and smells (this is the part where our kids are doubting why they were blessed with such stingy parents and being vocal about it) and we drove straight to Burger King where we bought other really unhealthy stuff but at a much better price off the dollar menu.Did I mention the really amazing ride pictures you can get there too? Even on my poor little point and shoot camera? (I was NOT dragging my good camera around the fair all day with kids).

I would go to the fair just to take pictures of the signs. Does that make me a dork too?
So the five of us got in and out of the fair (parking, tickets, rides, and attractions) for $14. I dare you to do any better.


  1. totally a celebrity moment! i was so excited! i felt like a total rubber-necker...i was like hey hey hey...i know her THAT'S JENNY PLUMB!!! I read her blog and she makes these really cute shoes and she's here in REAL LIFE!! (I had to muster up some crazy courage to say hi!!) my friend with me thought i was super loopy. and this was before i ate a corn dog. true story.

  2. "Sugar Shack" totally sums up fair food and I'm impressed that you got out of there without buying anything. My parents were frugal too and yes, we often had Burger King or whatever else was around right after they pushed us through over-priced crap.

    Your outfit is adorable and bless your husband for snapping pics and not asking why! I'm still training Addison on that one...ha!

    As far as the baby lamb goes yeah, that's cool, but I would have been totally grossed out.