Oct 7, 2011

Fall Decor

A "HARVEST" paper banner, black silhouettes, white pumpkins, crows, black baby boots, and some natural elements like nuts and twigs are about all I do to decorate for fall. I don't like decorating with orange as I don't like the color so it's not really allowed much.I ordered this handcut black paper silhouette from etsy because it had two girls and a boy under a tree in it. I thought it would be cute representing my family under the "Plumb Tree" and I was really impressed by it when it arrived. I have yet to find a permanent home for it in the house, but I hung it here for some fall decor to match the rest of the black going on on the shelves.
What? Oh yes, I DID redo the lamp shade yet again. I'll show you that tomorrow. I promise that this is for the LAST time since I am so in love with it.
This couch looks clean right? About 2 minutes after taking this picture, some little children were grabbing the throw pillows and having a pillow fight. I sent them packing. Outside kids!

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