Oct 15, 2011

Hunter's Secret Agent Detective Party

So last night we threw Hunter his first "themed" big boy party since he is turning 7 on Wednesday. We did a Secret Agent Detective Party and it was SO fun to put together. I took a ton of pictures, but I did try to narrow them down for you in this post. I just had a really hard time since the party was pretty detailed oriented. I'm just going to go ahead and post a ton and even so, these are just the highlights.

First is the invitation. I figured out how to do red reveal on photoshop and they turned out great!

I promise you could read it a lot better than this shows. It was impossible to read with out the red cellophane and pretty easy once you laid it on top.

It says:
You are Invited!
Future Secret Agents: You have been specially selected to attend an advanced class in super spy and detection techniques on
Friday, October 14th at 4:30 pm.
Where: Hunter Plumb's house.
Why: Hunter's 7th Birthday party
Upon graduating you will have mastered the skill of observation, sneaking around, pizza and cake consumption. Black clothing would be appropriate but not necessary. At 6:30 we will send you back into the field prepared to fight crime and fight badguys with a license to nil.
Please RSVP to reserve your spot in the academy.
See you then!

I put magazine strips around water bottles to look like newspaper wanted ads and headlines. Question marks were written on the cups and napkins and everything was in black.
We have a vintage flight map framed in the playroom so we moved it into the main room and made it into a crime scene map.
On the desk I had the first activity. The kids got to make their own ID badges. They picked two silly words from two boxes and put them together to make their code name. They also picked a super spy strength and put a thumbprint on the badge. We had clear labels of all the words printed ahead of time so as they picked them, we matched them to the labels and fixed them to the badges. Some of my favorites were Quacking Clown, Blue Pickle, CooCoo Moose, and Silent Walrus. The kids thought this was SO funny.

Some of the super spy strengths were Cracking codes expert, Silent sneaking, Spy weapons expert, Ninja quickness specialist, etc. We had to have 8 adult ones made up ahead of time to be the suspects in our clue game.

To the left of the table I took down more pictures and hung up a "Most Wanted" wall with vintage wanted posters printed off the internet. I hung black streamers and a footprint, magnifying glass and question mark from the light fixture (which doesn't really show here).

The cake was a magnifying glass with a fingerprint in the middle. Don't mock it. Tone said 50 points to the person who could guess what it was as I was making it. Hey, the black frosting was NOT squeezing evenly out of the tube making it really difficult! We were both cracking up while decorating this cake as it was just not turning out like I had in my brain. Oh well.

There were footsteps taped to the ground from my front door all the way to the coat rack and bench were I set up a safe that had been broken into. Tone made the safe from a cardboard box and some hardware salvaged from an old bench I had. We played a "Clue" game during the party.

We started with dinner which was pizza and fruit. I guess I could have been creative with the food but we are talking kids here, and I actually wanted them to eat it. After that, we did badges and rounded them up for games. Here are the games.

The first game was called Guard Dog and I had a bag of fake jewels that sat behind the red chair. The Guard Dog sat in the chair and got one chance to turn around and try to tag the spy sneaking up to steal the jewels before the thief could make it back to the line.

This simple game was a BIG hit.

The second game was Laser Beam. We have a really long hallway, so the kids stood at one end and Tone and I taped red crepe paper to the walls to be laser beams. The kids had to get through without touching them. We kept adding more and more and the kids had such a fun time trying to get through. The hallway was completely filled with red lines when we were done. It was pretty tough, but some of them were pretty agile.
The big event was next. Tone and I created a "Clue" game that young kids could do. We told them to go to the safe where their Spy Detective tools had been kept so they could be "real" secret agent detectives. Unfortunately, the tools had been stolen and the thief had left a note and some clues in a folder in the safe instead. The thief had rehidden the tools in a suitcase and if they could figure out where they were hidden, then they were "real" detectives and would have earned them. Here we are explaining the game and reading the note.
Inside the folder were three red reveal decoders, the typed note and their first clues.We divided them into three teams of three kids each and they had to follow clues to find the bags with their symbol on it (thumbprint, magnifying glass or question mark) in 7 rooms of the house. They also had a little notepad and pen that had the suspects (adults at the party - whose badges we had pre-made), the tools that the safe was possibly opened with (shown in a vintage suitcase), and the rooms that the tools had possibly been rehidden in. They checked them off as each room held clues that eliminated them.We read the clue on the white strip of paper to find the next room to find the next bag of clues. Then we found the bag with our symbol and inside was a red reveal paper which we read with our decoder. Each room told us three things to mark off our list (a suspect, a tool, a room) in a silly way. Then they followed the clue on the white paper, which was also in the bag, to find the next bag/room. To keep a better flow, the order was different so no team was in a room at the same time.All the kids ended back up in the living room with their last clue and there were two left of each thing (tool, suspect, room). That clue told them to find a clue on the bottom of the tool that opened the safe (which was the crowbar). On the bottom of the crowbar was a clue that "silly secrets" had the clue to where the tools were hidden behind their name badge. "Silly Secrets" was the clue to the actual suspect "Crazy Whispers" who had a folded up red reveal clue in the back of his badge. That clue gave clues to where the suitcase was hidden in the kitchen cupboard.The kids quickly found the old black suitcase and we pulled it into the living room where they were "Wow"ed with their goods.
They each got:
A Fedora: This was the big item but they were only $5 at Walmart!
Silly disguise glasses
A fake mustache
A flashlight
A magnifying glass
Fake money bills
A little notepad for taking notes
Then they posed with their new detective tools. Have you ever seen anything cuter?
We ended with cake and presents of course. Hunter wanted Funfetti cake. It was tasty!

Even our littlest spy, Tessa, was dressed up with her little black tie on the whole time. She loved it. We thought we would tease her after this photo and put a mustache on her and to our surprise, she didn't want to take it off.

This is quite possibly my most favorite family picture. EVER.

It was quite possibly the best birthday party I have thrown. EVER.

Hunter asked if we could do it again next year as soon as it was over.


  1. This has got to be one of the best parties I've ever seen! You are awesome and the details are fantastic. I love all the little games and think the laser beam was my favorite.

  2. Tone in the stash has me cracking up! You guys are so cute. Watch out bad guys, the Plumbs are on the case.....

  3. What a fabulous birthday party, Jenny! I will convo you back soon. As usual I am behind on everything but just wanted to stop over and say hi!

  4. Wow, Jenny, you take the cake! I bet Hunter was just tickled to pieces. What a fun party!

    I'm thinking the family picture at the bottom goes in the Christmas card this year? :-)

  5. Yep. Best family photo you've ever taken! Love it to pieces! You're an amazing mom!

  6. nice idea, thanks for sharing...