Oct 2, 2011


I'm broke. Do you want to know why? This last month was start up month for both scouts and ballet. I hope Tessa never wants to do anything. Ever. Because we can't afford three. No, just kidding, we'll scrape it up from somewhere, but gee whiz! Extra curricular stuff is dang expensive! So they each can pick one and one only. Hunter picked Scouts this year and Ainsley picked ballet and tap (a combo class). By the time I paid for Hunter's uniform, book, yearly dues, and Ainsley's ballet shoes, tap shoes, leotard, enrollement fee and first month fee, I was quite a bit poorer. I hope they plan on being in these things a looooong time so I don't ever have to pay start up again, just upkeep costs throughout the year and not WHAM BAM right at once.

Hunter is thrilled to DEATH to be in Scouts and it is right up his alley for his personality. He's kind of a type A, overachiever, without much of an athletic bone in his body. So Scouts is perfect. He can earn badges and beads and belt loops while being with other boys working on projects and being in the great outdoors. Whoo hoo! Perfect.
Plus, gee whiz, he looks so grown up in his little uniform. Not to mention I remember my brother in this same uniform and Hunter looks the spitting image.
He's been wearing his hat around just for fun and everyday he bugs me about learning everything in his book for his first Bobcat badge. But honestly, if you think Hunter is into it, you ought to hear his Daddy as they do the book together and discuss it. There are two people around here who are taking this pretty seriously.
You know what I would have loved to hear from Hunter? Maybe something along the lines like, "Gee Mom, I will love you forever because you and Dad spent tons of your hard earned dollars on me even though we'll be eating Top Ramen now for a couple weeks." (Actually, what am I typing? The kid loves Top Ramen oddly enough).

Nah, I got this today:
"Mommy, why didn't you sign me up last year so I could have earned all the Tiger stuff too? How come I missed out on that whole book and now I have to start at Wolf? I really would have liked to have done it all last year too. You totally should have Mommy."

A couple of things should be noted from this:
One, the clear gratitude.
Two, he clearly is in the right place for a type A kid.

But I'm not bitter. Not bitter at all. Both kids are thrilled, loving the extra time spent just on them, so I consider that a penny (or a mountain of cash) well-spent.


  1. That is so neat Hunter's a Boy Scout! I was a Girl Scout growing up & my mom was our leader a couple of times. We started as Brownies and dropped out in high school, but it was so neat to do. I probably wouldn't have had a social life without it :P

  2. Hunter is a doll in his scout uniform and I love that your husband is so excited to help him accomplish his goals! I guess I should start saving now for extracurricular kid stuff?!?