Oct 10, 2011

Seeing the Moment Monday

Two years ago, my first DSLR camera was put in my hands. I was scared to death of it, but I wanted it so badly. I wanted to take pictures that captured those precious fleeting moments that were passing by unrecorded every day and I thought a decent camera would help with that. The first time I pushed the shutter button (which was pointed at Ainsley eating lunch in her high chair), I almost dropped the camera when it made the shutter noise. It was heavy, expensive, and awkward in my hands...and I was hooked. I remember looking at the picture it took and thinking, this picture is wonderful and captured an everyday moment so much better than any of my other attempts. There was my first everyday moment captured on the good camera.

I NEVER looked back.

I spent the next two months pouring over photography blogs, photography sites on the web, reading books, watching DVDs that showed me how to work my camera as I shot alongside the person on the screen. I got the dial off of automatic and learned to shoot mostly in manual and set all my own settings to capture the light and movement just right. I learned and am still learning to be artistic in my pictures. I learned to take three times as many as I think I might want and to just keep shooting because you never know what you might get. And then...

I felt comfortable with it. I could adjust without looking at any of the buttons because my eye was looking through the view finder. Then, I could concentrate on the art rather than the camera buttons, and I started to have fun trying different camera settings, different camera angles, and I started to capture those little moments that fly by so very fast when you are living life to the fullest with little ones at home. And little by little my pictures got better and better and better. At this point, I have pushed my entry level camera to it's fullest and feel that I can't get much better quality out of the camera I have. At this point, the quality of the shot isn't in the camera settings (which I know very well now), it's with the photographer and my vision and whether I can capture what I am seeing behind the camera. Daily I am being challenged as my three wild kidlets run around and practically dare me to get the shot. Yes, I pose them, but I also realize that the best pictures are sometimes just because I let them BE.

Seeing the Moment Monday is all about that. The tiny, precious, fleeting moments that make up life and what it is about. I am trying so hard to live each day to it's fullest and to make sure that enjoying them and my husband is the greatest priority of my day, and I don't want my children to grow any bigger. And every day they do just a little bit more and the camera is my tool to freeze them and the moment and make it into one of importance just because I chose to take a picture of it.

This is also why I blog. All my life I kept a journal. However, I found that a blog is so much better. I am a very visual person and it's the partnering between photographs and words that I found true "love". Photographs say more than words could ever say, and yet, I often need words to explain the "why" of the photo and to remember the circumstances that surround it. A blog is the keeper of my memories and moments that I want to cherish before, "POOF", they're gone. This blog has become an excellent exercise in "seeing".

I decided to share on Mondays a moment in the last week of a simple event that I chose to see and capture with my camera. This last Thursday, I was recovering from a week of a house full of people and I had cleaning to do. Ainsley, however, was begging for a bike ride and the kids ran out front and grabbed their bikes while I went out to get the mail. Rather than shuffle them back inside, I stayed out because I knew that letting them enjoy the outside was a bigger priority than clean floors. My camera captured some delightful moments between the three of them.

This first one is my favorite. They thought Tessa needed a kiss.
Ainsley also never goes anywhere without her "Nanny" blanket, so she stuffed it in the back of her bike. This picture speaks so much to me about her.
They decided to tell each other secrets. How cute is that?

They apparently had so much to share with each other.

Then Hunter said, "Hey Ainsley, you wanna go cruise?" And just like that they were off to the corner together.
Then they realized they forgot Tessa who just sits and waits for someone to push her around since she can't push yet. Hunter ran back and pushed her to the corner too and lined them all up together.
They sat like this for a while until they got bored and ready to cruise again.

And then up and down they went.
Hey, it's a traffic jam! They thought this was so very funny!
Oh my! They are just so delighted with each other.
You see why carrying the camera around made a normal moment into a precious one? Riding bikes are quite common around here, but using the camera, I was able to capture and record the little precious parts that make life meaningful and happy. Without the camera, I'm not sure that I would have even noticed - at least not with the same attention. The camera forced me to "see". I have found that ordinary moments are full of meaning and giving them notice and enjoying them is what truly makes life extraordinary. This is what makes me addicted to photography and blogging as well. I'm telling a story as it unfolds and it's by purposefully stopping to notice all the beautiful parts, I realize the story I am telling is really, truly one that is extraordinary and I feel blessed beyond measure.

I would love it if you would share your own moments with me. It is for this reason I blog and enjoy photography so very much. Doing a link party is a first for me, but since I have several blog readers I thought perhaps I would try it. I would love to see your own special ordinary moments. Please share. It could be a photo of a special time captured between two people, a moment to yourself, a quote, a favorite object or place in your home, or anything else that shows how an ordinary thing can be a special, happy thing. Feel free to grab my blog button to add to your post if you choose to link up. However, I have no rules to linking up. I would just be happy to see anybody joining me this week!

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  1. Cute cute cute! You got all serious on me and I totally went for the super simple and kind of silly things that make me happy! Oh well, it's done, so I'll go ahead and link up!