Oct 4, 2011

A Series in Red - Color Blocking

So I follow fashion a little. I read fashion blogs and browse magazines, and I have seen over and over this year color blocking. Now I don't think color blocking really belongs on baby shoes as it's very modern and vibrant with clean lines and not much in the way of flowers or ruffles or other cutesy details like that. However, in the spirit of challenging myself, I thought I would try it. At any rate, if you've ever watched fashion week, most of the stuff you see coming down the runway you wouldn't be caught dead in on the street on a million years. The ideas sort of get filtered into more practical styles before you see it hit your favorite department store brands.
Lets just say this post is in the vein of challenging myself, and trying out a style and color scheme that doesn't necessarily translate to the masses.

I started with this picture which gave me an idea for blocking the colors on the shoes and a color scheme.

The crimps in the skirt prompted the crimps across the straps below. The belt here inspired the gold square buttons.

I put them on Tessa and they weren't as bad as I thought they might turn out. Did I get a picture though? No. No I didn't. She promptly fell forward into a crawl and that was the end of that as I couldn't get to her to stand up again for me. This was my best shot with the hand and all in it.
Oh well, I hesitated to blog these anyways since they were an attempt to try something very different and aren't at all what I would normally create. I think they are too much for me, but at least I tried something new. The next post (and last) is very much solidly back into my regular style.

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  1. Those are cute, but I know what you mean about color block not being for babies. Maybe you should start making shoes for adults ;)