Oct 5, 2011

A Series in Red - Tabitha Red Boots

And last but not least in this series, I thought I would finish with this picture. Something about tiny houses in the country with wild flowers, red paint and a front porch makes me swoon.

So I created some country boots in a deep rich almost burgandy red. I know I said I was going to go "all red" on these, but something in me said it needed the lace at the top. I still think that it makes the shoe.

The material is actually a fine corduroy but I added a white lace ruffle at the top and a chiffon flower in the same hue of red to add contrasting textures.
I am going to be adding these to the shop. Unfortunately, I can't sell this particular pair as I made a small mistake in them and I'm not comfortable selling them. However, since I am adding this design into the shop, you can still order them from me.

My next posts are about how we decorated our house for fall. We've been crafty creative around here lately. My kitchen table has not been cleared off in a while from all of our crafty busy-ness. I need to get on that.

1 comment:

  1. I really enjoyed this series! These boots are great and I really like the lace. It's a nice feminine touch.