Oct 29, 2011

She likes to Accessorize

I think I mentioned that we put a mustache from the party on Tessa and instead of screaming at us, she just walked around with it on. She didn't want to take it off. Good girl. She is taking after her Aunties and Mommy who love the accessories too.

What? Don't you think Tessa has the serious detective look nailed?
The whole next day she kept trying to reapply used up mustaches from around the house. And the tie here? We put it on before the party and took it off when we put her to bed that night. I knew she would leave it on all day.At one point setting up, I couldn't find the bag of "jewels" (fake necklaces) for the Guard Dog/Robber game. I found them a while later. Tessa was wearing every one. She was not about to let me take them off either. She drapes as many necklaces as she can find around herself just about everyday and walks around with them. Safe? No. Major choking hazard so I have to watch her.

This next photo has nothing to do with accessories besides the fact that she loves her Auntie Krista and snuggled in when she held her. I sure do love having my Sis and Brother-in-law right up the road from me.
I want to post more from this weekend, but my computer is telling me all of it's memory is full and I can't edit or add photos. Which is why the photos in this post are not edited which is bugging me. Slight photo addiction here? I'm off to delete and move pictures to the external hard drive because it's killing me to not have the photos posted yet of my sister Katie's baby shower.

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