Oct 11, 2011

Thankful Jars Centerpiece

Here is an idea for a fall centerpiece that I am doing with my children. The jars and round vase are once again from the Dollar Tree and I just cut up brown slips of paper and stuck them in the vase. We stamped "Give Thanks" to tags and attached them with twine to the top and stamped leaves on cardstock and glued them to the front. We put them in a tray and the kids artfully (?) put leaves, nuts and fake gourds around them from a bag of leftover flora and fauna from random projects I've done. They loved helping decorate.Every night at dinner we tell Jesus something we are thankful for and write it down and add it to the jar.
Hunter's first thank you was, "I am thankful for my sisters." Then he told me all the reasons why. Some were because they played with him and because Tessa was so cute. He was sooo sweet describing them!

Ainsley was thankful for her Barbies. But when asked why she said, "Because Hunter plays them with me."
That was nice, but then Hunter retorted, "No I don't!" (As IF!)
So she said, "Oh. Huh well, then it's because Tessa plays them with me." (Tessa doesn't).
So Ainsley is a little confused still but in a roundabout way she's also thankful for her siblings.
Then we prayed and thanked God for the things we put in the jar and called it a wrap for the night. We have until Thanksgiving. Hopefully Ainsley will get a better handle on this.


  1. For starters, I love the centerpiece, but I love the whole idea of it even more. The conversation with the kiddos is sweet and funny!

    And yes, I'll be your blog bestie! I loved your post.

  2. The centerpiece is lovely and creative! The way you are using it with your children is inspiring. Good Job!

  3. So so cute!! I think we may do this in our little family. We talk about it every night at dinner but there is just something about putting in on paper:-)

  4. We've been making "i'm thankful for" list and keeping it on the fridge, but i like this better. thanks for sharing.

  5. We have a notebook we pass around at Thanksgiving every year. Neat to see the kids become more articulate year by year, plus remember those we've lost. Yours is a sweet idea, put them in a scrapbook for later?

  6. This is so cute! Really great idea! I'd love to have you stop by and link up on {Not So} Tough Tuesday's on One Tough Mother.


    Hope to see you there!