Oct 9, 2011

The Whole Shabang

I thought I would show you the whole living room since it's all ready for fall. The whole shabang, if you will.

I liked this fall quote and put it up on my mantle chalkboard with some old spectacles.

"Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn."
~Elizabeth Lawrence
The leaf garland was made from buying a couple bags of fabric leaves from the Dollar Store that were super lightweight and had some shimmer. I sewed them in one long string and hung them up. They are easy breazy.
We keep Tessa's board books in a line on the hearth. She pulls them out constantly.
I sewed up a khaki and ruffle pillow for the chair so the flower print doesn't take over. Tessa uses that other little rocker everyday. She loves to sit in it or use it as a stool to get up on the couch. Baskets under the coffee table coral the baby toys. However, we are about to pass those on since she has mostly outgrown them. Yay for reclaiming my living room from baby things!
So back to the flower print chair. People either love it or hate it. I love it with the cheery flowers in vintage print but most people think it's too busy. But then for those who say so, I think their house is too sterile. To each his own. I made the cover a while back and I'm constantly taking it off to wash it. The chair was given to me when Hunter was born and it's denim underneath which doesn't match at all. In fact everything in my house is mostly a hand-me-down and slipcovered in some way. I'm cool with that.
Here is the whole living room in all it's crafty, hand-me-down, slip covered glory. I say when you can't afford new, cover it and call it good!
My handy husband also helped a lot with this room. He built in the bookshelves and cupboards by the fireplace, he made me the shelf over the couch, he laid the flooring, and he made the frame for the mirror over the fireplace. He supplies the bones, and I add all the extras.

Teamwork. We do it well together.

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