Nov 19, 2011

Hunter's First Pet

So Hunter has been begging for a pet since he was like 2 years old. We travel a lot and are often gone for weekends so a dog or something normal wasn't going to happen. So my Aunt found a baby garter snake in her yard and gave it to Hunter. It was instant love between a boy and a snake. Bonus! It only eats every three days so we can go away for weekends. It's very tame and doesn't bite. It's a perfect first pet for Hunter. He named it Stanford.

Fall Picture Photo Shoot

I got to take pictures of my dear friends this week. We went to a local park where the leaves were gorgeous and took some family photos. It didn't hurt that they are such a cute family either. It made getting a pretty picture pretty easy for me.
Did I mention that my friend is due in February with their third baby. Yes, I know. Shut the front door! I ain't lyin'. How does she look like that???? Ah-may-zing. Personally, I think that it's inappropriate for her to go out in public like this. I mean it makes the general public feel bad and like fat cows in comparison and therefore it shouldn't be allowed. Mmm, hmmm. Sheesh!
Little Missy was not into the whole picture thing. She would rather play in the leaves, run away and is constantly on the move. She made me work for it.
Whatever. I think I was still able to get a couple shots that made her look like the cutie she is.
Well, my, my, my. I see we have a future model on our hands.We had a fun time. Photographing kids at this age is always a real trip. And a workout trying to stay a few steps ahead of wherever they might run next. And a good exercise in acting like this is the most fun you have ever had so they don't have a meltdown.
All in all, I think the photo shoot worked out since nobody had a meltdown and I got a bunch of cute pictures. It's hard to go wrong when the background is this pretty and the people this good-lookin'.

Nov 17, 2011

Katie's Baby shower

Katie was given a lovely baby shower for the twins. Isn't she cute? At this point she still had two months to go. Katie is not an uber girly-girly, so she is still doing the girl's room in green and yellow with bees and dragonflies.
My brother's wife, Christin, even flew in from Washington DC. She is on the left and I am feeling pretty good in the middle of all these tall women. I would just like to point out though that in order to pull this off, I am wearing boots with a significant heal, and all but Christin are in flats. Usually, I feel quite dwarfed in this kind of family lineup.
Yay for sister time!

Nov 15, 2011

Baby Leg Warmers Tutorial

I am a big fan of leg warmers on babies. They are easy for diaper changes, they keep the legs warm in the winter, look great under little dresses and protect the knees when crawling. Tessa has modeled them for quite a few months now. They were especially great when she was crawling. They also make great baby shower gifts.They are so ridiculously easy to make that this may not qualify as a "tutorial", but I made a couple for my sister's twins, so I thought while I was making them, I would take pictures and share with you all. First you start with some big girl or women's knee socks (FYI, Target has women's knee socks in millions of patterns and colors for $2.50 each right now).
See where you cut them? Right after the toe and the heel. You throw away the toe and heel. But keep the middle foot part. That part you fold in half to make a cuff.
Then slide that cuff up and onto the raw bottom edge of the leg part of the sock.
It should look like this.
Pin them together and sew them around the circle.
This is the part where you could use a serger and finish the edges. Or be lazy like me and...not.
Remove the pins, flip the cuff down and you have leg warmers. Here are the two pairs I made for the twins.
Wow, that was easy. They took me five minutes. Tessa has so many of them, and we love them. See?

Nov 14, 2011

Pumpkins - Yeah, we did some of those

The pumpkin lineup. Mine is still uncarved on the porch. Why, you say? Because I knew that I would be carving two of the three and that was enough for me. Tone always spends hours on his own and can not be depended on for reliable help with the kid's, haha! Hunter is was MOST dissappointed I did not carve a third for myself. But my hands and wrists were shot after doing the kid's. What's in there Mom? Do I have to pull it out? Yep. But she didn't. After pulling out two whole slimy seeds, that was enough for her. Mommy did it.
Hunter's warty, one-eyed monster with claws and Ainsley's cheery face.
Ainsley's pumpkin needed a flower in it's "hair". Clearly. This is Ainsley we are talkin' about here.
They were so delighted with their creations. I missed the picture at night where they are all lighted up. Eh. Next year.
After spending hours on his, Tone did not miss the "light up" picture. He had to post it and represent on Facebook you know. Hours of carving like this shouldn't go to waste. It's good for at least a Facebook post brag.

Nov 13, 2011

Tessa - The Flower Fairy (well we tried for girly)

Here is the only picture I took of Tessa actually standing up in her costume. She would see me with the camera and high tail it in the other direction. So don't blink. You might miss it. I mean it's quite a carefully crafted shot. NOT.So I thought that we might put her in a chair or something to keep her contained for a picture. All she wanted anything to do with was the Harley trike. Well, that really matched the frilly costume and made for a great picture setup didn't it? And this is the only of her smiling. As soon as she saw that I was taking pictures and not pushing her, she started screaming at me to push her around. Photo session FAIL.

So then we pushed the trike over on the grass so I could get a picture with all three of them. She was mad the entire time that her little trike was stuck on grass but at least she wasn't running away from us.
Although it's not like the other two were helping with normal poses. Forget it. No cute pictures of the three of them THIS year.
We had a BBQ in our front yard with a bunch of people over on Halloween night and we had a fire pit in the driveway with a big table for food spread out. Tessa settled in quite quickly to her favorite lawn chair and snacked away. She really wasn't into her pretty dress at all. But food...she was ALL about the food.
Shocker of all shockers though, she did leave the hat on all night though. Remember, this is the kid who loves accessories.
Well, Tessa, we tried. We really, really tried. I have the lack of pictures to prove it.

Nov 12, 2011

My Buddy

Last night Hunter snuggled with me on the couch before sending him off to bed. At 7, he still wants to curl up next to me when watching movies, jump in my bed the morning to warm himself up next to me, and would even liked to be picked up if I could manage it more. His favorite time of the day is when I tuck him at night and he tells me what his favorite part of the day was and we have a little chat. I am well aware that he might outgrow this soon, though luckily he is showing no signs yet. He still let's me kiss and hug on him. It's so bittersweet having your first baby grow up.

Ainsley - Cindrella prissy

Ainsley wanted to be the green pig on the game "Angry Birds" until she found out she could wear "real" makeup if she was a princess. Well, that sealed the deal on that. Here we are primping on Halloween with curled hair and my makeup on. I'm sure there is a fine line between raising a child with a healthy self-esteem and one that is vain. I'm pretty sure I haven't nailed that fine line yet. For the sake of making myself feel like an awesome mom, I'm going to say we were working on her healthy self-esteem this Halloween.Her makeup is so very light, but she is so incredibly impressed with her looks at this moment in time. You ought to have seen her flounce and pose her face in front of that little mirror.
I am going to say that half of the flounces that she thought were "pretty" were completely RI-DI-CU-LOUS. The worst was the "eye bat" that she thinks princesses do. She looks incredibly slow when she does that. I thought the lip pucker though was kinda cute. Anyhow, you put a girl in front of a mirror....
Here is her "best" pose. I snapped several of these and by the end her dress is held up to her chin. Since this is a public blog, I'll keep her modest for the general public. You can see now why the polka dot leggings were completely necessary.She was not short of dramatic poses.I had to tell her I had enough pictures when the poses started getting ca-ca-ca-crazy!Yep, she worked that Cinderella costume.
That's my middle, drama-queen, uber-feminine, girly girl. You go Ainsley!

Nov 11, 2011

Hunter's Costume - The Angry Bird

So I am blogging all of Halloween in a few posts because I took WAY too many pictures. Then I also filled up my computer so I had to delete and move photos to make room for more. Pretty lame, huh? How does that even happen? Oh, wait. I know how.
I take WAY too many pictures.

Anyhow, I made his costume out of felt and just kinda "winged" it. No pun intended. He was mostly thrilled with the stuffed belly and his red mohawk. You have NO idea how much shampoo it took to get that out....
He made an "angry" face when posing. It's hard to get a normal face out of him on a normal day, much less Halloween.
He thought his costume was a huge success. As long as he thinks so, I consider it a job well done.