Nov 15, 2011

Baby Leg Warmers Tutorial

I am a big fan of leg warmers on babies. They are easy for diaper changes, they keep the legs warm in the winter, look great under little dresses and protect the knees when crawling. Tessa has modeled them for quite a few months now. They were especially great when she was crawling. They also make great baby shower gifts.They are so ridiculously easy to make that this may not qualify as a "tutorial", but I made a couple for my sister's twins, so I thought while I was making them, I would take pictures and share with you all. First you start with some big girl or women's knee socks (FYI, Target has women's knee socks in millions of patterns and colors for $2.50 each right now).
See where you cut them? Right after the toe and the heel. You throw away the toe and heel. But keep the middle foot part. That part you fold in half to make a cuff.
Then slide that cuff up and onto the raw bottom edge of the leg part of the sock.
It should look like this.
Pin them together and sew them around the circle.
This is the part where you could use a serger and finish the edges. Or be lazy like me and...not.
Remove the pins, flip the cuff down and you have leg warmers. Here are the two pairs I made for the twins.
Wow, that was easy. They took me five minutes. Tessa has so many of them, and we love them. See?


  1. Those are absolutely PRECIOUS! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love this idea! Cheap -- and easy! Even for someone like me who likes to use my sewing machine more for paper than fabric. And I absolutely adore the dress Tessa is wearing in the first photo. Why don't they make cute stuff like that in MY size? Oh yeah, cause it probably wouldn't be cute in size 47! ;-)

  3. Cute! Those are easy. We need some baby girls around here!

  4. Pinned it!
    Thanks for a clever, cute way to keep chubby legs warm! :)

    ♥ Bethany

  5. Adorable! I love babies in leg warmers! And of course yours are exceptionally adorable. :)

    P.S. I came across another mommy blog where they made indoor pup tents and I instantly thought of you. It just seemed like something you would do. Here's the link: