Nov 19, 2011

Fall Picture Photo Shoot

I got to take pictures of my dear friends this week. We went to a local park where the leaves were gorgeous and took some family photos. It didn't hurt that they are such a cute family either. It made getting a pretty picture pretty easy for me.
Did I mention that my friend is due in February with their third baby. Yes, I know. Shut the front door! I ain't lyin'. How does she look like that???? Ah-may-zing. Personally, I think that it's inappropriate for her to go out in public like this. I mean it makes the general public feel bad and like fat cows in comparison and therefore it shouldn't be allowed. Mmm, hmmm. Sheesh!
Little Missy was not into the whole picture thing. She would rather play in the leaves, run away and is constantly on the move. She made me work for it.
Whatever. I think I was still able to get a couple shots that made her look like the cutie she is.
Well, my, my, my. I see we have a future model on our hands.We had a fun time. Photographing kids at this age is always a real trip. And a workout trying to stay a few steps ahead of wherever they might run next. And a good exercise in acting like this is the most fun you have ever had so they don't have a meltdown.
All in all, I think the photo shoot worked out since nobody had a meltdown and I got a bunch of cute pictures. It's hard to go wrong when the background is this pretty and the people this good-lookin'.

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