Nov 11, 2011

Hunter's Costume - The Angry Bird

So I am blogging all of Halloween in a few posts because I took WAY too many pictures. Then I also filled up my computer so I had to delete and move photos to make room for more. Pretty lame, huh? How does that even happen? Oh, wait. I know how.
I take WAY too many pictures.

Anyhow, I made his costume out of felt and just kinda "winged" it. No pun intended. He was mostly thrilled with the stuffed belly and his red mohawk. You have NO idea how much shampoo it took to get that out....
He made an "angry" face when posing. It's hard to get a normal face out of him on a normal day, much less Halloween.
He thought his costume was a huge success. As long as he thinks so, I consider it a job well done.


  1. What a costume! I'm sure all of Hunter's friends think you're the coolest mom ever for fixing his hair to go with his costume. I'm excited to see Ainsley's and Tessa's!

  2. So adorable! And wow, I believe you about the shampoo! I've never seen such red hair.
    I love Hunter's angry face! He looks like he had a blast!