Nov 14, 2011

Pumpkins - Yeah, we did some of those

The pumpkin lineup. Mine is still uncarved on the porch. Why, you say? Because I knew that I would be carving two of the three and that was enough for me. Tone always spends hours on his own and can not be depended on for reliable help with the kid's, haha! Hunter is was MOST dissappointed I did not carve a third for myself. But my hands and wrists were shot after doing the kid's. What's in there Mom? Do I have to pull it out? Yep. But she didn't. After pulling out two whole slimy seeds, that was enough for her. Mommy did it.
Hunter's warty, one-eyed monster with claws and Ainsley's cheery face.
Ainsley's pumpkin needed a flower in it's "hair". Clearly. This is Ainsley we are talkin' about here.
They were so delighted with their creations. I missed the picture at night where they are all lighted up. Eh. Next year.
After spending hours on his, Tone did not miss the "light up" picture. He had to post it and represent on Facebook you know. Hours of carving like this shouldn't go to waste. It's good for at least a Facebook post brag.


  1. Haha! You're quite the pumpkin carver! I hate carving pumpkins with a passion and if Addison doesn't do it our poor kids may never see a jack-o-lantern.

  2. Props to Tone! Wow!

    I love that Ainsley's got a flower :)