Nov 13, 2011

Tessa - The Flower Fairy (well we tried for girly)

Here is the only picture I took of Tessa actually standing up in her costume. She would see me with the camera and high tail it in the other direction. So don't blink. You might miss it. I mean it's quite a carefully crafted shot. NOT.So I thought that we might put her in a chair or something to keep her contained for a picture. All she wanted anything to do with was the Harley trike. Well, that really matched the frilly costume and made for a great picture setup didn't it? And this is the only of her smiling. As soon as she saw that I was taking pictures and not pushing her, she started screaming at me to push her around. Photo session FAIL.

So then we pushed the trike over on the grass so I could get a picture with all three of them. She was mad the entire time that her little trike was stuck on grass but at least she wasn't running away from us.
Although it's not like the other two were helping with normal poses. Forget it. No cute pictures of the three of them THIS year.
We had a BBQ in our front yard with a bunch of people over on Halloween night and we had a fire pit in the driveway with a big table for food spread out. Tessa settled in quite quickly to her favorite lawn chair and snacked away. She really wasn't into her pretty dress at all. But food...she was ALL about the food.
Shocker of all shockers though, she did leave the hat on all night though. Remember, this is the kid who loves accessories.
Well, Tessa, we tried. We really, really tried. I have the lack of pictures to prove it.


  1. Ha! This post made me smile so much. Thanks for being the kind of blogger who can make us laugh at your honestly photographed events rather that the blogger who makes us tear our hair out and think that we're absolute failures in life because our pictures don't turn out as perfectly!

    Actually, the one right under "No cute pictures of the three of them THIS year" is my favorite. Ainsley and Hunter's expressions are SO adorable, and Tessa is just doing what a lil tot her age does :)

    Looks like everyone had fun this year, and that's the important part!

    ♥ Bethany

  2. Love, love, love the Flower Fairy on the Harley trike! Classic!

  3. LOVE this post! I know the feeling of not being able to get "good" pictures. I like the one where everyone is making a face and looking the opposite way. Maybe next year will be the year for posed pics...ha!