Dec 15, 2011

The adventures of Lizzle

We have an elf who has been up to many adventures this month. The kids named him Lizzle. I've only taken a few cell phone pictures of his shenanigans. Here are a few to enjoy.
They are loving the new "Elf on the Shelf" and it's killing them that they can't touch him or he loses his magic and won't return the next day.

I'll have you know that when Daddy is home, Lizzle does more daring things like fly an airplane from the ceiling fan.
He also rode a zipline from this fan to the light over the dining room table. However, this made me notice that the fan was extremely dusty and so I took the vacuum hose and attempted to vacuum the blades. This made Lizzle take a nose dive to the floor as it dislodged his zipline. Thankfully, he returned to hide again the next night. It was in front of the kids too. They were horrified. However, the only rule is that you can't touch him and since I didn't technically TOUCH him per say, he returned. Whew!

Hunter has been unsure whether Lizzle was really magic or not.
He informed me that he snuck into the kitchen and touched Lizzle when I wasn't watching. Then he waited to see if he returned. When Lizzle was in a new spot the next day, Hunter was triumphant in announcing that he had out-tricked me and that Lizzle was a fake since I didn't know he had touched him and he still returned. Hunter has a way of being a super realist that takes some fun out things.....Thanks bud. Ainsley, however, is pretty convinced he is truly magic.
This one took forever. Nobody saw him for a long time before we saw him peeking out of the wreathe over the fireplace mantle.
He even turned an artwork piece of Daddy's into a reindeer.
Lizzle has also made a star and was sitting on top of the Christmas tree holding it. He was seen clobbering stuffed animals in a marshmellow snowball fight. Tessa found him first that day and it took the other two a while to figure out that the marshmellows were supposed to be snowballs. Mostly, because Tessa ate a lot of them and it wasn't so obvious what was going on by the time we discovered what she had done. It's hard to imagine a snowball fight when there are only a couple marshmellows left. Haha! He has also just been hanging around in random places. Today he emptied Ainsley's jewelry box and was wearing all her jewelry and a hair clip. I may discuss having a tea party with her barbies tonight with Lizzle. He might go for it. Even though he is a boy. He seems like a pretty good sport so far.


  1. Man, Hunter is on to you big time! Good luck making it through the next few days without him testing you out again!

  2. What a fun tradition! I'm looking forward to doing things like that with Kayleigh someday :)