Dec 4, 2011

Holiday pictures

We always do a family picture of the five of us in my Aunt's yard on Thanksgiving day. We have done it for the last six years but this year we spend Thanksgiving in Missouri with Tone's family. So we missed our family portrait shot. However, I did have the presence of mind to at least get a picture of the kids in the leaves before we left and then another picture in Christmas outfits today. So Tone and I aren't in it this year...there is always next year.
Tessa was in rare form today and cheesing it up for the camera. I think Ainsley is cold and Hunter lost a front tooth this week making him extra cute.So I thought I would get a couple pictures of just her alone. I promise she really does have two hands. I just didn't want to ruin the moment and fix her sweater. Moments like this with 18 month olds are very fleeting. Very, very, fleeting.
I got six shots off of her grinning and chuckling her head off before she was done. So here is one more for ya. I know. I think she's kind of adorable too. But then you don't have to live with her mood swings.
She likes to shout, "DONE!" as loud as she can when she is over something. And when she shouts it she means business and has certainly decided in her little mind that it's OVER.
Yeeup. She's done and all business.

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