Dec 17, 2011

On a Roll

We are on a roll...literally.  As you can see, the annual Christmas sugar cookie chaos has begun.  They are prepped and ready to go.  It's not a very original tradition, but it's a big deal to the kids.  And I'm not gunna lie, I like a tasty sugar cookie myself.
The day we got the tree, they were asking to do sugar cookies.  That was the first week of December.  Clearly, this is a fave tradition. I like to do them closer to Christmas and since it's a whole afternoon event, I really have to gear up for it.  Thus, I usually do it the week OF Christmas.  They got the cookies a couple days earlier than most years.  They should count their blessings.

This year I thought that I would let them try rolling out their own dough.  It actually didn't go too badly.  I know.  It blew me away too.  I was gearing up for a dis-as-ter.

Ainsley was thrilled to get her own dough pile to decide which cutters to use and Hunter couldn't be a bossy dough hog.  Win win.

They were covered head to toe in flour.  I'm really not sure that aprons helped a whole lot, but they thought that they were completely necessary.

We seriously need to cute his fingernails.  Eww.  Sorry about that.

What was Tessa doing?  Causing havoc.  Asking for raw cookie dough to eat.  Basically being a pain.  She considers herself one of the big guys.  She doused herself in flour and had to lose the shirt.

She was being the typical 18 month old.   She was thrilled to be on the counter.  After she swiped too many cookies though off the cookie sheet, we put her down.  She was thinking it was a free-for-all.  It wasn't.

I have about 150 cookie cutters.  Lets just say there was plenty of extras for Tessa to play with on the floor.

Doesn't Hunter just look thrilled with himself?  He was.

Usually Ainsley has a brief attention span.  She stuck with it.  All afternoon.  I thought that was quite amazing.

We then decorated them with confectioner's sugar icing and sprinkles.  That was a mess, but oh, so fun!

Here is the finished product.  They are definitely kid-made.  These won't be going to the neighbors, but I do love myself a tasty sugar cookie.

This last picture isn't the best, but it was under harsh kitchen light.  I don't know if you noticed, but these pictures started out with nice afternoon natural light and ended up at after dark under harsh inside lighting.  I told you this takes all day.  Technically, it took four hours from making the dough to finished.  That counts as all day in my book.  I mean as a mother, who has just a free four hours most of the time?   Bwahahaha!  I just made a joke.  Four hours.  Bwahaha!

Whew!  One tradition down for this year.

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  1. Fun! We made gingerbread cookies this year since Luke had been talking a lot about gingerbread men. I have never been in charge of cutting/decorating cookies before (I usually just make drop cookies or something by myself), so I was pleasantly surprised at how well it went. :) It actually ended up taking us TWO days since we could only work with the time during Jonathan's nap (I wasn't even going to consider doing something like this with a baby around!), so we made the dough, let it chill for 2 hrs, then Luke let me cut them out myself. The next day we had a joint decorating effort - and we even shared several of the kid-decorated ones with teachers/neighbors since it was kind of a present from Luke. :) Definitely a good experience, although next year we'll be doing sugar cookies because we probably prefer the taste of those cookies better.