Dec 31, 2011

Vintage Alphabet Name Banner

So I told you that I made something all vintage-y goodness cute for Molly and Zoe.  I know.  I made you wait a whole day so that lazy girl here could process pictures.  Actually, lazy girl decided on a whim to redo the colors of her kitchen and all the knick knacks and artwork.  So I did.
When I say "on a whim" I meant it.  I decided about 4 o'clock in the afternoon and had it stripped bare and was sewing curtains and mogde podging up a storm and had a new kitchen by 10pm.  I just need a couple new things to pick up tomorrow to finish it.  Namely, some spray paint and I'm good to go.  Oh, I digress.  This post was supposed to be out that gift I made for the twins.

Let me preface this by saying that I love all things vintage with bright colors.   Let me also say that I may just be the only one in my family that does which creates some unique decorating challenges.  Tone likes new, white, and natural wood.  That's kinda tough for the vintage in me.  I like chippy, old, bright paint and things with some patina on them.  Having lost that battle from day one of marriage I thought maybe in my kids....
Ainsley and Hunter like those cheap bright character type of Disney decor that you see everywhere.  My heart cringes every time they ask to redo their room in that stuff.  So far, they have been allowed a few touches in their room of that stuff and it's kept them happy.  I do realize at some point I will lose the battle.  I still have some hope in Tessa....oh who am I kidding?  So far it's three against one.
So what am I do to?  Force this insane desire for vintage on my sister's new kids. Duuuh! I mean they are only a week old but with my current batting average, I had better get a head start and quick!
I decided they needed name banners in cute vintage alphabet characters.  I found these cute book pages for free download on the intranet, people, and the love of all things bright and old jumped out of me and I made a snap decision to make these IMMEDIATELY.   
Yeah, did you feel it too?
I mean look at them!!!  Be still my beating heart.
I'll share the vintage love.  You can find them at this link HERE.  There is one for each letter and some extra animal pages too.
You are getting the picture by now that creative juices flow in a big jolt all at once and I make impulse decisions to do something about them, right?

Anyhow, I downloaded the pictures and picked the ones I wanted.  Then I printed them on a 5x7 size though they are square shaped so they ended up being 5x5.  I cut them out and that meant that they would fit perfectly four to a page on a standard square sized piece of scrapbooking paper.  I cut three kinds of printed paper into four equal squares and then mixed and matched until I found the design I liked. I made the edges of the scrapbooking paper kinda fancy with scalloped scissors and a small pennant shaped triangle cut out of the bottom.
See the hedgehog?  I know.  Slay me now.  So adorable in all his prickles.  Zoe had the best pictures.  She had a turtle, a zebra, an owl, and elephant in a hammock and the hedgehog.  Luckily I had some polka dot and striped 12x12 scrapbook paper that worked perfect.  How did I attach the book pages to the paper.   This is the best part:
I sewed it.
Glue makes the paper curl, but sewing it makes it sturdier and keeps it perfectly flat.  Plus it adds another cute dimension.  Just make sure to turn the tension down to a slightly lower number on your machine.  The thread tended to make loops on the back when I didn't.

What did I use to string them up?  A bit of eyelet lace.  I sewed the cards right down onto the lace.  You can sew fabric and paper together.  I do it all the time. I also couldn't resist making a bright flower out of the leftover bright paper and sewing on a big orange button.  Since these were boyish or neutral colors I was using, I wanted to make them look feminine with the lace and flower, though there is no pink in the girl's room so these will match just fine.

Anyhow, I love how they turned out.  They make my heart happy.  You know what else turned out well and makes my heart happy?  These two girls.  Oh yes, I thought I would sneak in another proud Aunt picture of them in Christmas stockings at five days old.
They turned out well.  Very well indeed.

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  1. oh boy oh boy oh boy, I am making this for my son! (who will be born in April :D )

  2. Haha! Do you want to come over and help with my sorry kitchen?!? You'll share pictures soon, right?

    And I also know what you mean about the cheap kid stuff. I'm praying my future kids are okay with smocked clothing and all things old-style.

    I love the banners you made for the girls and yes, that hedgehog is adorable. Can you sell that in your etsy shop? I think they'd go fast if you could/did.

  3. Wow...totally amazing!!!! What a sweet banner...swoon. Thanks for linking up..I am your newest follower!

  4. That is great! Thanks for the

  5. love it!! i've made a few similar ones over the past year, too. :) aren't they fun?

  6. the banner is adorable as are those babies!!

  7. Super cute! What a great idea. I love the vintage feel!

  8. Your banners are ALMOST as cute as the babies! I love the images you used - they'll be a lovely touch in their nursery!