Jan 22, 2012

A Birthday Visit

Katie, Brad and the twins visited a the week before we left for Oregon.  Katie's birthday was on the 11th and she wanted to celebrate with her sisters.  
Here is something my sister loves: CAKE.

So I asked my kids what kind we should make.  Hunter thought she needed a bear cake.  Ainsley thought a cat.  The flavor was already established.  Yellow with chocolate frosting, Katie's favorite.

They fought.

Then Hunter came up with a genius plan.  Put animal crackers on top of cupcakes and have all the animals!
So I made carnival cupcakes for my animal loving sister.
I literally finished the banner (which took two minutes with a pair of pinking shears, red gingham fabric, my sewing machine, some kabob sticks, and a dab of hot glue on the ends to attach) two seconds before she walked in my door.
 I thought they turned out cute and were special for Katie's birthday, but quick and easy for a mom of three littles who was throwing a party literally last minute.  I got the picks from Walmart around Easter and had been hoarding them for such an occasion.
Seesters.  The birthday sister on the right just had twins.  
Not too shabby.
 We sat around, ate a good dinner, ate cake, put the kids to bed, played some games, had Katie's best friend and Krista and Thomas over, and laughed our heads off.
You should have seen Thomas attempt Mad Gab.  Straight up funny right there.  In contrast, Krista whooped our behinds at that game.
Happy Birthday to my sister who is now a fellow mom.  Good luck with that.
Happy Birthday to my friend.
Thanks for letting me be born first, because we all know that I'm bossier and I like it that way.
Thanks for being the silly one because we know bossy is already taken.
Thanks for your rich sense of style which we clearly both got at a young age.
Thank you for boosting my self esteem in high school when I got that really really short haircut by getting yours cut the same way a few months later.  We were totally in style.
Clearly, you wanted curly hair just like me.  Mom needs to pull back the reigns a bit on the amount of curlers  she thought you needed to achieve the amount of curl I own.  I believe you more than nailed it.
And then copying me yet again after I got my headgear by getting your very own facial reconstruction piece a couple years later.  They were straight up sexy.

Thanks for sending me cards that are completely random for no apparent reason except for the love of randomness.

Happy Birthday Katie!  We love you!


  1. Those cupcakes are too cute! Your kids know how to compromise!

  2. Those cupcakes are a really cute idea. I just did a cupcake themed baby shower. Also looked at your etsy shop and you have SUPER cute shoes! I am a new follower. I would love it if you stopped by my blog.