Jan 28, 2012

Canvas Art Print

I titled this post "Canvas Art Print" in a truly loose sense of the word.
Also, I should have titled this post:
"In Which I Make Something So That We Don't Get Robbed".
Also, it was also a project in which I learned a lot of "that didn't work out at all" lessons.
Also, I'm not even sure that the following qualifies as "art", although it is on a canvas, and it is a print that I adhered to it.  Yes,yes, wrinkles and all.  I feel that I could have gotten those out better.
Also, I feel that I have used the word, "Also" far too many times before this post has even really gotten started.  So I'll stop.

I decided to make an old-timey print to go next to the door pointing down at the kid's shoe boxes.
So why should I have titled the post, "In Which I Make Something So That We Don't Get Robbed"?
Well, our amazing house designers decided to put the alarm box right in front of the window next to the door instead of around the corner in the hall. I mean that makes sense. Now we can advertise to the world whether our alarm is off or on.  Great.
 Hey, robbers, just look through the nice window by the front door, and decide if we are worth it today or not.

I decided it needed to be covered, and a canvas fits nicely over the top and can be quickly removed when needed.  It just lifts on and off.  Well, for about two weeks, I just had a blank canvas hanging over it.  
Lets not talk about how many people (including my husband) wanted to know why there was a random blank canvas just chillin on my wall. It's the new kind of minimalist art, you know.
Alright so here's how I did it.   First I created this little piece in photoshop.
 I read a post on how you could run tissue paper through your printer and then adhere it to the canvas as an art print.  I got it from pinterest.  I found it intriguing and decided to try it.
 First I cut a piece of white tissue the same size as an 8.5x11 paper and trustingly ran in through my printer to print this photo on it just as the nice lady said it would work.
Lesson 1 learned.  Tissue paper does not run through a printer now matter how you feed it.  It always tears.
So I read another post and method.
Lesson 2 learned.  Even when taping it to a piece of paper to give it weight, it tears.
Dang pinterest.  That's two pins that show how "easy" printing tissue paper is down the tubes.
But they were not dealing with an amateur and I don't give up the ghost easy.
I had a brainstorm.  What if I cut out a piece of heat and bond, ironed it to the tissue paper, and then ran it through the printer?
That was sufficiently stiff enough and solid to make a nice print.  Then I peeled off the backing as you can see below.
Then I laid the tissue paper now backed with the heat and bond down on the canvas.  This part is even better.
You see, since I used heat and bond, I can iron it right to the canvas.  Yep. It totally stuck and worked.  No glue needed or messy Modge Podge.
I just smoothed out the wrinkles as I went.  I feel that I could have done better at this.  Next time I will.
Then I took black paint and painted the sides to finish them off.
Then I totally, should have stopped.  It looked great.  But no.
I was still following my pinterest tutorials in part.  I really didn't learn the first time did I?
I broke out the Modge Podge to give it a shiny top coat.
Dumb. Move.
The Modge Podge totally smeared the black ink.  It didn't smear the color though so maybe if I didn't have any black in my art this would have worked.  I was blotting the smears up with tissues, and salvaged it (kinda), but it's not as pretty as it was before I made that mistake.
Lesson 3 was learned.
This picture makes it look worse than it actually is because the photo is also blurry.  It's not that bad, but I can see some purplish streaks where the black smeared.
Anyhow, the alarm box is hidden and this sign hangs right over the kids shoe boxes by the front door so the saying has a dual purpose.  
So now you know a few things.  I'll tell you what you know now.

Don't blindly trust all tutorials on the intra-net, people.  Even the nice lady who says it totally works and puts up some really nice pictures on her post may not be telling a truth that works for your printer.

You can cover up an alarm box with a canvas so you don't get robbed.  Well, actually, I'm not guaranteeing the whole "don't get robbed" part.  But at least it won't be because your alarm box shows.

Modge Podge smears black ink.  At least in my printer with the ink I have to buy.  So maybe test that out first.

And Heat and Bond can save the day.  I dearly love that stuff.  I go through rolls like nothing flat for all kinds of things.

So there you have it.  Another method for adhering some art onto a canvas.  My version.
Go ahead and pin it to pinterest so someone else can follow it and swear that this really nice lady doesn't know what she's talking about.

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