Jan 7, 2012

Getting it together...a Freebie for you!

It's the new year. 
I am a total list maker.  It really helps me stay focused when I have a list.  Otherwise, I forget just about everything.  Is there anyone else with me?  However, I have noticed that by making lists, I have to give myself some leeway room for um, not actually finishing the list.  Ha!  Anyone else with me?

I made a weekly planner page from my vintage graphics collection. There are spots for Chores around the house, appointments, dinner options, and purposeful moments you want to take to live a life on purpose (ie, bake cookies, read a book, go on a hike, etc.). I also added the quote, "I will hold myself to a standard of Grace, not perfection" as a reminder that life doesn't always go on schedule and it's never perfect, but we are only held to a standard of Grace that God gives.  I plan on using it.  It prints out super cute.

You want to see it?  Here you go:

Here it is chillin on the front of my fridge.  I took this pic late tonight after I finished making it and slapped it up there.  Even though this is a horrible picture, I promise you, my fridge took on a whole new level of classiness in between the kiddie artwork and animal magnets (not shown).

I know it's hard to read my writing on this picture, but I've been trying to stick to a cleaning schedule for about a month now and it's not going too bad.  It makes sure I get to all the areas in the house but I only have to do one bigger chore and one tiny one a day.

Monday:  Do all the laundry in the baskets and fold after kids are in bed, water plants
Tuesday: Put away the laundry and clean bathrooms (people come over on Tuesday nights, those bathrooms have to get clean!)
Wednesday:  All surfaces dust or wipe down.  (Includes kitchen counters and cobwebs), take out trash
Thursday: Vacuum the carpet, wash the sheets on the beds
Friday: Mop the floors, Organize one thing (closet, drawer, kid's clothes, etc.)
Saturday and Sunday: Catch up on what was missed and rest.

Many days I don't get to the cleaning assigned for that day, but there is a deep cleaning method and a quick method, and I try to at least do the quick one.  As long I don't only do the quick method every time, the house stays clean underneath all the messy kid clutter that seems to pile up everyday.

I told you there was a freebie for you.  You can print out your own page that I created for you HERE.
Yay!  Have fun staying organized but remembering life isn't perfect and nobody said you had to be either.  There is no standard for perfection anyways.  For some it's never having a messy dish out, and for others, it's ignoring the dishes to take a time out for the kids.  I've found that when it comes to the household, it's a place for family so some discretion needs to be used in which should come first because neither can at the same time.  I've learned through years of feeling sometimes like a ragged failure that that's totally OK and has no bearing on whether I am a great wife and mother or a child of the King.  Though clearly, by making this, I am trying to achieve this year a higher level of order out of my often chaotic household.

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  1. very cute! and i am with you on the list-making. i'm overly structured so lists make this mama a happy girl!

  2. love it and i've been looking for a new planner for the year.

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  4. thank you so much! this is great! :)
    happy monday! :)

  5. Just found you from Life Made Lovely. Your blog and shop are both gorgeous. Thanks for the pretty organization :)