Jan 3, 2012

The Magic of Christmas

Oh what?  Christmas is over.  
Yeah, I know, but I'm always running a day late and a dollar short.  I just need to throw up my pictures from Christmas day so that if my computer ever goes AWOL at least I'll have my pics saved someplace in the internet.  And here you thought I was blogging for your viewing pleasure.  Pish, I have no idea what would give you that idea at all.  

Someone woke up right on time on Christmas.  Hunter has been getting her up in the morning, lifting her out of her crib and bringing her to me.   Aren't siblings a beautiful thing?  It means I can enjoy my warm bed for at LEAST 20 more seconds...which I relish.  I really do.

All the kids went out with us and we checked out what Santa brought.  Tessa was completely delighted with her barking, walking dog.  Watching her giggle and giggle was the best Christmas present ever!
 Here they are with one of their two gifts that they got from us this year. Well, technically, one was from Santa and one from us, but I believe that all my blog readers are above the age of 8 so letting that cat slip out of the bag will not spoil Christmas for any of you I hope.  If so, two things:
What are you, 8?
And: I believe I stated at the beginning that this post was for posterity's sake anyhow, and therefore, selfishly written.    And I happen to know Santa is a fake.  So there.
 Clearly, Legos are a big hit this year.  We put the grandparent's gifts under the tree too, so they still had quite a bit to unwrap.
 Tessa quickly figured out that wrapping paper had cool things inside, and she was all up in everyone's business to see what was in there.  If we didn't get back to her turn quick enough, she would start ripping into one of my presents.
For an 18 month year old, she made out alright this Christmas.
I believe I stated that we were cutting back this Christmas, but the kids still managed to litter the whole living room with new toys, paper and boxes.  I took a picture of the aftermath, but honestly, that's too embarrassing to want to add here for all posterity's sake.  The amount still feels pretty ridiculous for all our efforts to try and cut back this year.
Whew, that's over, moving on to the New Year....shooting for being less materialistic seems to have come with a steep learning curve.


  1. Your "Santa is fake" line had me laughing aloud! I love your kids' expressions! It looks like they thoroughly enjoyed it :)

  2. Cutting back is hard work. But we're attempting it too...