Jan 20, 2012

Scripture Photo Theme a Week

So last year around Valentines Day I thought I would try home date nights once a week and Tone got right on board.  We may not have been able to do 52 over the course of the year, but Tone and I certainly made a valiant effort and we spent a lot of time together in the evenings.  We are still trying to do fun things in the evenings. This month saw us standing in the living room in front of a cheesy video learning to ballroom dance.  REALLY cheesy video.

That was not a joke.

It really happened.

It was fun too.  I never knew I was quite that awkward.

So while I am not giving that up this year, I decided I liked a weekly challenge and wanted one for photography and for scripture memory.
You've heard of the 365 pictures in a year thing by know. Or a picture a day. I know you have because it's EVERYWHERE.  I realized in loading my pictures recently that this is not my problem.  I loaded "the good" photos of the last year and just January through June I had around 1650 pictures.  That was not a typo.  I really took that many photos that I want to keep.  Clearly I need to focus my pictures for more quality not quantity.  One can always get better.

I am a creative soul and I wondered if I couldn't somehow combine those.  To which I say:
Sure you can!  So I picked out 52 verses to memorize and think about during the week and a photo theme to go with it during the week.  I hope to post a lot of them here.  Clearly, I am running a bit late since I didn't start January 1st, but who said you had to start on the first?  It's still January.  I also would like to mediate, write a journal entry and do something creative with perhaps a scrappy journal page each week.  Some of them will land on the blog.  Here are my scriptures and photo themes for the year.

Feel free to play along on your own blog or on instagram.  I think this will be really fun.  Some of my pictures will be taken with my fancy camera, but I also take a lot of photos with my iphone and post to instagram.  If you don't have the instagram app...you should.  And then you should follow me @jennyplumb.  Then we can be picture buddies and be super cool like that.  But if you don't have instagram, then you should know that my instagram pics also post to my facebook.  And if we aren't facebook friends...

...well, doggone.

You're just gunna have to wait for my blog posts.

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  1. Your ballroom dancing story is great! Along very similar awkward lines, I just bought the Just Dance game for myself to exercise indoors while it's cold out and Addison sits and laughs the entire time I'm trying to dance. It's so embarrassing, but I like to think I'm getting better!

    I'm right there with you on the insane amount of pictures. It's so hard to choose! There are no Apple products in my house (hubby is a hater!) so I can't follow you, but I'll definitely keep up here!