Jan 8, 2012

Thrifting day

I hung out with my sister last night.
 I arrived and she was looking like this.
I know.  I've pretty much hated her my whole life.  Just kidding. Let us embrace her gorgeousness together, shall we?

I, on the other hand, had forgotten to change out of my grungy yard shoes and was wearing a comfy old sweater that had seen one too many years on it.  Doggon it.  I sucked it up and went shopping with her anyways.  I'm not gunna lie though, I may or may not have kept on my pretty wool coat the whole time so at least the sweater was covered up.  I have a "little" dignity still.  I blame it on being so excited to get out of the house kid-free I ran out the door without checking my apparel.  However, I was still totally conscious of my shoes the whole time.

She bought this navy and orange shirt last night.  We happened to be perusing the whole three stories of Forever 21.  That place always sucks me in and spits me out.  

Today we went thrifting together.  I decided in my outfit choice I better bring some A game after last night.  Because when you go thrifting in dingy old shops, that is an occasion for your A game.  Clearly.  I got the new striped sweater, belt, and burnt orange beret last night too.  All three for less than $20. Total.  It's why that store always sucks me in and spits me out.  I can't resist under $10 prices.  We discussed that we both have very different styles.  There is no way I can pull off the streamlined look Krista can, and I'm much more eclectic.  

And she can't wear hats.  Or beanies.  So there.

I tried to get Ainsley to take a fashion photo of me too.  Here's mine.  Does it compare to Krista's?
In defense, Ainsley can't aim or hold a camera steady and a little person wanted up.  There may or may not be a cracker on the floor behind me and a little kid trike bumped into my legs. 
Totally fashion forward.  It's the new trend in fashion photography.

So what do we have going on here?  Braids? A beret?  Stripes? Are we hippie, French, confused?
I dug it.  I felt like it was going good.
Maybe someday I should attempt to tame Tessa's hair.  Someday.  I already use adult conditioner on the back and even that doesn't really help for long.  That kid has the coarsest hair for a bondie!

I also felt that my suede wedges would go great with my wide flare pants.  I LOVE these shoes and they were definitely a step up from the yard shoes I wore last night.
Anyhow, what did I find today?  A little china cup and saucer with yellow daisies on them in a stand for $2.  A washboard to hang in my newly organized laundry room for $5.  I totally splurged on my metal lunchbox and matching plaid thermos for $10 (Actually, that's a steal, but $10 is a lot for me right now).  I was feeling good about my treasure hunt.  The kids managed to score some free trinkets from the nice lady (dinosaur and plastic teapot) and some .50 books.  They were delighted.
This was the last score of the day.  I know.  You are wondering why.  It's a plastic horse with an old broom handle bar stuck through his ears.  Straight up quality. Well, Tessa likes to rock.  There is one of these at church and she rocks it as hard as she can and won't get off for the other kids to use.  I, however, have been unwilling to purchase her a new one for the price.  Though I really, really, really, wanted to get her one for Christmas.  I found this bad boy for $4.99.  Score to the lady in the weird orange hat and hippie wedges!

Here I am feeling definitely pleased with my purchases today.  All in all, a good day with my sister, and successful day in the thrift stores. (Again, a blur.  4 year old hands remember?).
Meh.  Forget it.  Fashion blogs aren't for me (though I do enjoy a good read on them).
  I'm going back to playing with the baby.
PS. I'm not skippin church today.  I wrote this last night to post today.  So there.


  1. So, you and your sisters always manage to dress so cute...I may have to get some advice from you regarding what to wear to a wedding in August (4 weeks after I have baby #2)

    1. Ha! Good luck with that one. I always think you look so cute on Facebook. I was in Krista's wedding 6 weeks after having Tessa, and I definitely still had a tummy. Luckily the dress had a high waist to hide it.

    2. Thanks for the compliment...I believe it is going to take an insane amount of luck and under eye concealer to look decent at my cousins wedding. If the baby is a girl, I'll just have to get some shoes from your shop and everyone will be distracted from how horrible I look by the cuteness of her shoes!