Jan 23, 2012

Two Littles Came to Visit Too

These two little girls came to visit my house too for Katie's birthday.  But they deserved a post all their own.
For such little things, they sure make a splash wherever they go.
Molly, left. Zoe, right.
Tessa wondered why there were two.  One was enough in her mind.  
She likes to poke them.  
Mostly their eyes which is super safe and nice for them.

Zoe is happier than Molly who was quite upset with life most of the time.  However, they both got quite wore out and then Zoe wasn't having it either.  Here is a picture of Zoe in a happy moment.

She's already sticking her tongue out at me.
She should know that it's probably best to stay on my good side.
Ainsley was fooled by the happy moment and got sucked in.  She asked to hold her.
This is what happened.  

No matter. We repositioned Zoe to a happier angle, and Ainsley got her happy again by talking to her and playing with her hands.
And poking her cheeks.  
Hey, whatever works.
Hunter tried holding Molly.  He should have known better.  Molly thinks life is against her at this point in time. He's pretty proud though of his little cousins.  His smug face says it all.
Even though Molly isn't thrilled.  Hunter still can't resist giving her several kisses on the head.  He really loves his cousins.

Poor Molly.  It's becoming apparent who is the more sensitive one already.
Good luck with that in Jr. High.

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  1. How sweet! I laughed aloud several times while reading through this. Ainsley looks like a little mommy and Hunter's face is sooooooo proud. Cute! I hope they all grow up taking care and loving on each other. I am friends with most of my cousins and love that special bond.