Jan 21, 2012


While we were in Oregon, they had their first snowfall of the year.  We were lucky enough to be there for it.
We had the most gorgeous drive one morning in the new snowfall.  These pictures were shot with my iphone through the car window.
While snow is just covering up the ground underneath, in contrast God says that our sins are completely gone. Not just hidden.  
He doesn't see a sinner when He looks at us.  He sees a saint.
As a person who regularly beats myself up for the things I can't seem to get right, it's good to know that those things are forgiven ahead of time and has no bearing on how much God loves me.
Because I'll never be perfect. I'll never get it perfectly "right".

Every sinner has a past.  Every saint has a future.
Every sinner has a future.  Every saint has a past.
God loves me just the same.

Red and white make such a contrast.  I love red barns, but on the white snow, the contrast was amazing. They showed up ever so much more than a black barn could.
I think red against white is such strong imagery.

God's love for me is so strong.  The imagery is appropriate.

I have a former Catholic friend who says it's so strange to be taught that he is a saint not a sinner.
Saints are those special elite few who managed to achieve some sort of perfection.

But God says we all are saints if we love Him.
We all have equal access to Him.
Not just an elite few.
Even when we mess up.
He sees us as pure white snow.
Again and again.

It's not a free pass to keep doing wrong.
But rather that kind of love is is strong motivator to keep doing right.
Fear is a bad motivator.  Love is a stronger one.

That's some kind of love right there.

PS. This post is for week one of my 52 week scripture photo theme.  See this post for more themes.

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