Mar 31, 2012

New Thrifted Chair

So I've been MIA on this blog for a while. It's been an intense month of family time, working on our marriage, and personal growth. All good things, but I've been letting extra things (like this blog) slide for a while. Because of our new focus this month, the hubby and I decided to get serious about finishing our bedroom which we started last year and never finished. We wanted a retreat for us that felt relaxing. So I dragged his drum set out of there which got shoved in there last year when we converted our playroom and this next week we are painting. In removing the drum set, we now had room for a little sitting area. I found one chair while thrifting yesterday and am looking for another fun one. Apparently, a little old lady had this. she had even pinned doilies over the arms.  I got rid of those, haha! It was newly upholstered in this gorgeous butter yellow satin brocade too which matches our room. Which is good because I can do a hack job at reupholstering and make it look decent but I'd rather not. I can tell somebody professional did this job. Isn't she a beauty! Look at that wide seat and pretty curves! It was instant love. I didn't even blink at the $50 price tag. I snapped her up!
Here it is in our entryway right after I dragged it in the house. I couldn't wait to take a picture before I cleaned out our bedroom to make room.  I added the little pillow I made.  It adds a modern touch.  Doilies on the arm are a little too frufru for me!  It's going to be perfect for the photgraphy I do too.  Though the chair is made very solid, it's also light enough to shove in the car and drag around to photo shoots.
I'll share more later about what the hubby and I have been learning, but it's all good things to change us into the spouses and parents God has called us to be.

Mar 8, 2012

Spring pictures

 The fruit trees around Fresno are totally beautiful right now and if you live around here, it's totally a cliche' thing to get your pictures taken in the blossoms.  However, cliche or not, I love them so much that I have done it the last three years and plan to continue as the kids get older and will allow it.  For a boy who thinks he is getting "so big", he still has the cutest little boy giggle.
My handsome boy will pose for a couple pictures, but then he wants the silly poses that no one will ever put in a frame.  I still keep them though to remind me what he was like at age 7.
 Ainsley is a girl of extremes and will either stand glaring at the camera because it's not what she wants to do at the moment, or she will cheese it up WAY too much.  This picture is so very much my girl.  So are the pink sparkle cowboy boots which are her favorite things to wear on her feet at the moment.
 If you think there are too many colors going on, then you have nailed Ainsley's eclectic style.  The more colors and wild layers, the better in her book.
 Tessa was way to busy to get many still photos, but here is a rare moment when she was laying on the ground and laughing at Hunter cheesing it up behind me.  This girl is baby Bam Bam.  She does not stop moving for anything.
 She's off running up and down the grass strip just for the shear fun of running.  I was never liked this kind of thing when I was little to my recollection. She takes after her Daddy.  She's my firecracker.
 I think this profile pose of her while she runs is one of my favorites of the day.  Because she actually looks clean, put-together and cared for, for once.  Usually her hair is ripped out of it clips, she has dirt down the front and totally grubby hands.  She doesn't stay clean for more than 10 seconds. In the above picture, you can see she already has grass stains on her tights.  I scrubbed down her face several times during this little photo shoot.
 The almond orchard (I think it was almonds) was so very beautiful.  I felt like we were walking in dreamland.  The road is directly to the right and behind me so we really didn't go into the orchard.
 Yep, this is Ainsley.  So, so Ainsley.
Overall, I got some frameable pictures that told a lot about their personality in this moment in time in a beautiful setting, so I was happy with the outcome.
 After about 45 minutes, the girls were done.  The signal to leave is when Ainsley plops down and refuses to move, and Tessa puts her hands over her eyes and cries.  It's not like they weren't having a blast running up and down.  I hardly torture them getting pictures.  In fact, I believe it's the other way around as I let them play and chase them hoping something turns out and isn't all a blur.

Mar 4, 2012

Girl's Night Out

So my sisters and I got dressed up and decided to have a girl's night and go for dinner last Sunday evening.  Perhaps not the best night for downtown night life, but it was the only night the boys were free to watch our kidlets.
While this was unplanned, we strangely color coordinated.
Definitely nerdy already.
I would also like to point out that we really know how to rock that model pose.  I would expect to see this next picture stolen and put on the front of Vogue magazine.
Like tomorrow.
Honestly, why do all those skinny models do the shoulders forward, head back, serious face routine?
That's SO last decade.

I know they are secretly THRILLED to be holding up my leg. 
I would just like to point out that I am practically doing the splits on heals.
Deeply jealous, they are pretending to not be impressed.
 Really, I don't know why we kept taking pictures.  I think we were trying to get one "good" one.  History says we never get the "good" one, and we should just move on.
 I mean it could have been great.  Thanks Katie.
 Basically it just spiraled out of control from here.
 Try this one on for size:  We haven't had any drinks.
We're totally sober people.
This is what sisters do in their best moments.
So we went out and had a delish dinner, which did include one drink.  Which means we are still sober and in our right minds.  So this is what we do in our right minds: 
We wrapped up this outing by showing each other how fast each of us could run in heals down the sidewalk back to our car.  It was a dare really.
You want to know how BADLY I wish I had my video camera?  
My fast arm pumping hobble got me a swell blister, but I think I may have just run the fastest so it was TOTALLY worth it.  
We may be a wee bit competitive.

We realized that it was Sunday at this point and NOTHING is open on a Sunday night except Walmart. 
No matter. We can still stay highly entertained at Walmart.
Double D or fake booties anyone?
Seriously I thought I would die when Krista tried on the fake bootie RIGHT. IN. THE. STORE.
Just to polish off our evening, we realized we were in Walmart and Katie needed sports bras and diapers and I needed diapers too for the kiddos.
Yep.  Polished up that evening proudly toting out our "mom" insignia.
Way to be glam.  Way to be.

Mar 3, 2012

They Love Me

Very quickly, my photo/verse themes recently were "someone who needs me" and "love".
Here are some quick instagram pics.  I know, this is hardly the picture quality I was going for when I started this project, but on the other hand, I find that I capture more real life moments because I'm not lugging around my big camera.

So I really just wanted to take a nap.
But guess who found me and ruined that idea?
These crazy kids who need me and love me and I just can't resist them.  They crawled up here and Hunter said, "Mommy, can I put my face close to yours so we can have a picture together?"  
My copycat girls quickly joined in.
It's in moments like these that I am glad I have my phone at the ready for a quick snap of a precious moment.

She likes to Paint

I posted a few days ago a small painting I did and mentioned that I don't paint often because it's difficult with children who want to join in.  Being that we have had the paints out now for a couple days, the kids painted a couple more times.  
I did not.  
This is why.
 Uh, she's a bit too high maintenance to want to try and do my own painting at the same time.  Plus, she pulled this off in ten minutes flat and then I had to take her straight to the bath where she turned the water bright red.
 That hardly gives me enough time for leisurely painting.  Especially when I then had to clean everything within a 3 foot radius of her chair.
 She was absolutely in her element.
Thrilled I tell you.
And for the record, I DID give her a piece of paper.  I know, I'm kind of an optimist that way.  
She just wasn't interested in it much. 
She was very focused on getting her body art just so.
Nailed it.