Mar 4, 2012

Girl's Night Out

So my sisters and I got dressed up and decided to have a girl's night and go for dinner last Sunday evening.  Perhaps not the best night for downtown night life, but it was the only night the boys were free to watch our kidlets.
While this was unplanned, we strangely color coordinated.
Definitely nerdy already.
I would also like to point out that we really know how to rock that model pose.  I would expect to see this next picture stolen and put on the front of Vogue magazine.
Like tomorrow.
Honestly, why do all those skinny models do the shoulders forward, head back, serious face routine?
That's SO last decade.

I know they are secretly THRILLED to be holding up my leg. 
I would just like to point out that I am practically doing the splits on heals.
Deeply jealous, they are pretending to not be impressed.
 Really, I don't know why we kept taking pictures.  I think we were trying to get one "good" one.  History says we never get the "good" one, and we should just move on.
 I mean it could have been great.  Thanks Katie.
 Basically it just spiraled out of control from here.
 Try this one on for size:  We haven't had any drinks.
We're totally sober people.
This is what sisters do in their best moments.
So we went out and had a delish dinner, which did include one drink.  Which means we are still sober and in our right minds.  So this is what we do in our right minds: 
We wrapped up this outing by showing each other how fast each of us could run in heals down the sidewalk back to our car.  It was a dare really.
You want to know how BADLY I wish I had my video camera?  
My fast arm pumping hobble got me a swell blister, but I think I may have just run the fastest so it was TOTALLY worth it.  
We may be a wee bit competitive.

We realized that it was Sunday at this point and NOTHING is open on a Sunday night except Walmart. 
No matter. We can still stay highly entertained at Walmart.
Double D or fake booties anyone?
Seriously I thought I would die when Krista tried on the fake bootie RIGHT. IN. THE. STORE.
Just to polish off our evening, we realized we were in Walmart and Katie needed sports bras and diapers and I needed diapers too for the kiddos.
Yep.  Polished up that evening proudly toting out our "mom" insignia.
Way to be glam.  Way to be.


  1. This is great and I may have laughed out loud at a few of these pictures especially the fake booty one! I think it's safe to say you all had a good time!