Mar 31, 2012

New Thrifted Chair

So I've been MIA on this blog for a while. It's been an intense month of family time, working on our marriage, and personal growth. All good things, but I've been letting extra things (like this blog) slide for a while. Because of our new focus this month, the hubby and I decided to get serious about finishing our bedroom which we started last year and never finished. We wanted a retreat for us that felt relaxing. So I dragged his drum set out of there which got shoved in there last year when we converted our playroom and this next week we are painting. In removing the drum set, we now had room for a little sitting area. I found one chair while thrifting yesterday and am looking for another fun one. Apparently, a little old lady had this. she had even pinned doilies over the arms.  I got rid of those, haha! It was newly upholstered in this gorgeous butter yellow satin brocade too which matches our room. Which is good because I can do a hack job at reupholstering and make it look decent but I'd rather not. I can tell somebody professional did this job. Isn't she a beauty! Look at that wide seat and pretty curves! It was instant love. I didn't even blink at the $50 price tag. I snapped her up!
Here it is in our entryway right after I dragged it in the house. I couldn't wait to take a picture before I cleaned out our bedroom to make room.  I added the little pillow I made.  It adds a modern touch.  Doilies on the arm are a little too frufru for me!  It's going to be perfect for the photgraphy I do too.  Though the chair is made very solid, it's also light enough to shove in the car and drag around to photo shoots.
I'll share more later about what the hubby and I have been learning, but it's all good things to change us into the spouses and parents God has called us to be.


  1. Let me start by saying that I HAVE MISSED YOU IN BLOG-LAND! I was super excited when I woke up this morning and had comments from you. I told Addison, "She's back!" and have been watching for a blog post since.

    That chair looks great and I'm excited to see the rest of your room make-over too! I think we redid our room so soon after moving in because we wanted that space to feel like ours and special.

    Your comments made my day. My swing is hard to see in that pic. It's on the far left side of the bottom of the deck.

    Pie dough isn't a friend of mine either. I basically collect them because I think they're pretty.

    That's too funny about your watch!

    Don't be too jealous of my gift finding "skill". It's basically my inability to not take no as an answer.

    Ahh, I feel caught up now! Don't wait too long to show us your room!