Mar 3, 2012

She likes to Paint

I posted a few days ago a small painting I did and mentioned that I don't paint often because it's difficult with children who want to join in.  Being that we have had the paints out now for a couple days, the kids painted a couple more times.  
I did not.  
This is why.
 Uh, she's a bit too high maintenance to want to try and do my own painting at the same time.  Plus, she pulled this off in ten minutes flat and then I had to take her straight to the bath where she turned the water bright red.
 That hardly gives me enough time for leisurely painting.  Especially when I then had to clean everything within a 3 foot radius of her chair.
 She was absolutely in her element.
Thrilled I tell you.
And for the record, I DID give her a piece of paper.  I know, I'm kind of an optimist that way.  
She just wasn't interested in it much. 
She was very focused on getting her body art just so.
Nailed it.

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