Mar 8, 2012

Spring pictures

 The fruit trees around Fresno are totally beautiful right now and if you live around here, it's totally a cliche' thing to get your pictures taken in the blossoms.  However, cliche or not, I love them so much that I have done it the last three years and plan to continue as the kids get older and will allow it.  For a boy who thinks he is getting "so big", he still has the cutest little boy giggle.
My handsome boy will pose for a couple pictures, but then he wants the silly poses that no one will ever put in a frame.  I still keep them though to remind me what he was like at age 7.
 Ainsley is a girl of extremes and will either stand glaring at the camera because it's not what she wants to do at the moment, or she will cheese it up WAY too much.  This picture is so very much my girl.  So are the pink sparkle cowboy boots which are her favorite things to wear on her feet at the moment.
 If you think there are too many colors going on, then you have nailed Ainsley's eclectic style.  The more colors and wild layers, the better in her book.
 Tessa was way to busy to get many still photos, but here is a rare moment when she was laying on the ground and laughing at Hunter cheesing it up behind me.  This girl is baby Bam Bam.  She does not stop moving for anything.
 She's off running up and down the grass strip just for the shear fun of running.  I was never liked this kind of thing when I was little to my recollection. She takes after her Daddy.  She's my firecracker.
 I think this profile pose of her while she runs is one of my favorites of the day.  Because she actually looks clean, put-together and cared for, for once.  Usually her hair is ripped out of it clips, she has dirt down the front and totally grubby hands.  She doesn't stay clean for more than 10 seconds. In the above picture, you can see she already has grass stains on her tights.  I scrubbed down her face several times during this little photo shoot.
 The almond orchard (I think it was almonds) was so very beautiful.  I felt like we were walking in dreamland.  The road is directly to the right and behind me so we really didn't go into the orchard.
 Yep, this is Ainsley.  So, so Ainsley.
Overall, I got some frameable pictures that told a lot about their personality in this moment in time in a beautiful setting, so I was happy with the outcome.
 After about 45 minutes, the girls were done.  The signal to leave is when Ainsley plops down and refuses to move, and Tessa puts her hands over her eyes and cries.  It's not like they weren't having a blast running up and down.  I hardly torture them getting pictures.  In fact, I believe it's the other way around as I let them play and chase them hoping something turns out and isn't all a blur.


  1. These pictures are so adorable, Jenny! I love that you let their personalities shine :)

    &hearts, Bethany

  2. Breathtaking! Makes me want to make the couple hour drive to Fresno to snap some of my kiddos!