Apr 20, 2012

My week via instagram

Just because everyone else is doing it...
Well, actually, the truth is, I stay much better connected with daily doings through instagram and facebook because I snap pictures throughout the day and then have them quickly posted simultaneously to instagram and my facebook page.  How's that for quick social media?  But then if most of my daily life gets put there, I thought maybe I would start doing a quick post of my instagram pics of the week so one can get a better daily dose of my "real" life here on the blog too.  Too often my blog becomes the dumping ground for deep thoughts and tutorials, when really, my life is quite more mundane. Boring, if you will.  I usually am NOT full of deep thoughts and crafty inspiration. I'm much more shallow than that. As you will see below:

1. Our Easter outfits. As discussed earlier, the nerdy "matchy matchy Easter nautical photo" for the kids and I went vintage and wore purple gingham and red heals.  I was watching old movies with the fancy gloves, pretty dresses and glam heels (with Cary Grant and fancy movie stars) and felt Easter was one Sunday I could actually wear this dress and not feel funny.  I restrained myself and skipped the fancy gloves though.

2.Tessa snapped my pair of glasses in two so $200 later...I asked Ainsley after putting them on today if she liked them. She wrinkled up her nose and said, "Mmm, yeah I kinda do juuust....not on you." 
3. Back porch dining. Bring on summer!  And we ate our first artichoke out of our garden.  The kids love them! Weird.
4. Most people see a cute kid and flowers. But to me this just says trouble.
5. Breaking out the wading pool
6.This kid has the dirtiest shirts ever! At the end of every single day she is coated head to toe in grime. So not feminine!
7. Making a pitcher of peach iced tea with mint from the garden is my favorite summer drink. Ever. Bring on summer!
8. Guess which kid has the most fun banging on Tone's drums. Yeah no surprise here. 
9. The street is a river of rain. This torrential downpour has ended my tulips but I am hoping my newly blooming irises survive. 
(Post note: they did and are going crazy out there)
10.  Pouring rain. So it's a jammy, sesame street on TV, baby dolls, popcorn and tons of blankets and pillows on the living room floor kind of day. 

11.  Her travel bed which folds up flat to the size of a pizza. She hops in and then we zip her in. So yeah, she's crate trained.

12. I mean I WOULD decide to straighten my hair on pretty much the windiest day of the year. Well that was a waste of time.
13.  First spring bouquet from my garden today. Roses, lavender, jasmine, chives. It smells wonderful.
14.  Cleaning hallway carpet. What a guy...and I have seen such nasty water. We were living in that. Eww!
15.A little princess is thrilled to be helping me make cookies. She bakes in style.
16.   Only because I love him.  I hate ants.

17.  Wading pool, Popsicles, crazy kids, sunshine.
18.  We may need to break this habit by high school... and it was an optional pants kind of day.

So there you have it.  My week in quick photos.  Not pretty ones from the fancy camera, but the daily ones documenting what we were doing hour by hour.  A few observations:
  It poured for three days and we also had our first hot weather days of the season.  Odd.  
My kids dress kinda weird.
My themes seem to be my kids, garden, and food. Interesting.


  1. How do you make your peach iced tea? I have lots of mint in my backyard, so something yummy to make with it would be great!

    1. This is the best and quickest way to make peach iced tea. Take a glass measuring cup and fill it up to the one cup line. Put in three peach tea bags and microwave for a minute. You should have dark tea. Pour it in the pitcher. Do it one more time with the same tea bags to make sure you have seeped all the good tea out. Then throw away the bags and fill the pitcher the rest of the way up with water and ice. Put it fresh mint from the garden and sometimes I throw in frozen peach slices. Company always raves over it and I love it too. It tastes so fresh and it's so fast to make!

  2. 1. The kids are adorable!
    2. That sucks. I think they look really cute on you! Long ago, my baby brother got mad at my middle brother, took middle bro's glasses and threw them in the pond at the farm. Those glasses were gone for good and my parents were not happy about it.
    3. That looks like fun.
    4. I've always heard that child #3 is always the mischievous one!
    5. Nice. It's cooled back off here and I'm sitting in a long sleeved tshirt as I type.
    6. Haha! Sounds like her closet probably has a play shirts sections and nice shirts section, doesn't it? A few of my friends' have closets divided.
    7. Yum!
    8. That looks like a noisy activity!
    9. That's a lot of rain.
    10. Again, that looks like fun!
    11. Is that seriously a travel bed??? That's awesome and I laughed aloud at the crate trained comment.
    12. LOVE it! Btw...how is your bedroom redo coming along?
    13. gorgeous
    14. What a man! I don't miss our carpet at all. I'm sure I will when we have kids and they're falling all over the place, but ours were gross all the time too.
    15. Too cute!
    16. You are a good good good mom. I love the "live creatures" disclaimer on the box.
    17. Cutest.wedgie.ever
    18. Haha! This is probably tmi, but I take my pants off as soon as I get home everyday. I cannot stand them. Addison tells me that I'm toast if someone comes over unannounced to which I always respond, "You don't have to open the door."

    I like this kind of post!

  3. Super fun post! Thanks for sharing the everyday photos. I especially like the matchy-matchy Easter outfits -- and the princess in the kitchen. What style!