Apr 5, 2012

On a Date

Just for the record...spending an afternoon at this place was totally my idea and planning. I think this puts serious brownie points in my favor. We had a blast!

Just for the record...I'm also scared of heights.  Somehow I thought a harness would fix this issue.  I'm smiling here because I'm only 3 feet up out of the 48 I have to go.
Halfway up I thought I'd look down to figure out where to put my foot because I wasn't finding a good foothold.  It was such an idiotic, beginner move.  I realized I was now two stories off the floor with much more to go.  I seriously had to refocus for about 30 seconds and pull my brain back into gear.  It was a bad moment in my climbing career.  I pushed past and conquered. 

Just for the record....I totally made it up there.  More than once.
Just for the record, Tone is a much better climber, but I am a much better rope tier.  He practically would have died had I not checked his knots first (at least I like to think so because I need the emotional boost to my psyche). And I DID catch a knotting rookie mistake.  Just sayin.
See that little tricky outcropping up above on the right with the big black rock on the bottom?  Well, Tone is pretty proud he climbed up and around that to the top.  I sure the heck couldn't.  I was the emotional support down below.  Oh yeah, and his life line so he doesn't fall.  Guess who's on the other end of the rope trying to take an iphone picture?  I'm sure it was a super safe maneuver.  I'm totally into safety and stuff here.
I liked this straight up and down wall.  I look all hunky dory and stuff here.  You know, casually hanging like a pro.  In reality, I'm yelling, "Take the picture, I'm dying!"  Because who knew climbing walls was so tough on your forearms?  
I do know.
Oh that and that's an awesome angle for picture taking.  Good thing I'm not self conscious or anything.

So we left my kids with my sister so we could go to lunch, take the climbing class and then climb for a couple hours.  She's a rock star, an angel, and crazy all mixed together.  She had all three kids for four hours.  She tried to sit and read and Hunter told her she was "lazy" because Mommy plays all day. According to Hunter, apparently the whole day I am there for their entertainment purposes only. The funny thing is that she totally bought this majorly outlandish line and played with them the whole time.  I arrived and she looked half crazed and ready to bolt.  There was some manical laughter and an eye tick (just kidding...kinda). 

 I set her straight.  
She now knows Hunter is a big fat liar, that she doesn't need to play with them one iota, she's there simply to ensure the house doesn't burn down and nobody dies.
Hunter is doomed next time.

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