May 31, 2012


The blog has been silent for a while. Can you where I've been? I'll write more when I get a chance but it was a wonderful vacation!

May 11, 2012

A Mother of a Week

Sunday is Mother's Day.
Sunday we celebrate this thing called motherhood that God has called me to.  I had a week of fun highs and frustrating lows, and that's a typical everyday life as a mother.  For all of it I am grateful.  I have many friends who are mothering in the midst of tragedy or major life change and with a fragile heart.  For them, they are experiencing the same highs and lows that comes with daily motherhood, but are also trying to put together family pieces.  I especially celebrate them this Mother's Day as they look toward hope and mother with courage and faith as they feel especially fragile. I am grateful for this time of peace in my family's life and may I remember to count my blessings on this road of motherhood I have been called on.
 High: We spent a couple days last weekend at our new family cabin bought by my parents and just an hour up the hill at Shaver Lake.  We walked down the to pond/swimming hole and had ice cream at the local sandwich shop.
 Low: Tessa was throw up sick the whole time. My worst nightmare in the gross territory. It's a curvy road too up and down the mountain which did nothing for her already upset tummy.  Her carseat still reeks and you do NOT want to know what that ice cream looked like second hand.
 High:  Hunter doted on his two little cousins who were also visiting the cabin with us.  He was precious and so were they.
High: Warm enough weather for dresses, teal toes and summer sandals.
Low: I bought the wrong nail polish remover which does not work at all.  "Non-acetone" simply means, "Don't buy me because it's like rubbing water on your toes. I don't actually remove anything unless you plan on scraping it off."
 Low: Tessa loves to climb and will climb up play surfaces and launch herself off without warning expecting I will be there to catch her every time.  I have constant heart attacks.
High: The amazing trust of a child.

 High: Another lake day.  Hunter and I were doing tricks on the tube.  Ainsley planted herself on her belly on the middle and refused to budge.  No tricks for her.
 High: Hunter got himself up out of the water on skis by himself on the first try.  He had never done this without help before. He was splitting a grin from ear to ear.
High: I tubed, skied and kneeboarded (my favorite) on glass water all day.  Come to think of it, there really wasn't a low on this family day.
Low: I woke up this morning with a migraine.  Tone is gone of course, the house needed much TLC, there was laundry to do, and orders to sew and none of that got done as I was flat on the couch all day.  A little person also took advantage of the opportunity and planted herself firmly on top of me all day too.  A wiggly toddler didn't help.

High: Falling asleep with my baby as she snuggled up to me while I rubbed her arms and back. She's still super cuddly and attached to her mommy.  Her favorite person in the whole wide world.
I do love being a mom.  Highs, lows, fun and sickness.  It comes with the territory. I am blessed.

May 6, 2012

The past two weeks via my iphone

So I thought after a couple of "pretty" posts I might go ahead and put up all the pictures from my phone from the last two weeks and let you see again into my "real" life that has real and not as pretty moments.  Somehow though, looking at these photos, I see a lot of life lived and the everyday things might just make up a beautiful life anyways.  Or at least this type of post might end up being my favorite kind.  No fancy camera,   no poses, no fancy picture setup.  Just how I really lived in the last couple of weeks.

With that being said, here's real picture number one.
He's living up to our fine name.  
Clearly, I have a lot of junk under the sink and the dishwasher works much better now thank you.
 We had a couple of family boat days.  We were practically the only boats out there and the water was mostly perfect glass.  Littlest child is going to fit in with our family just fine as she has no fear of the water.
 And she seriously boats in style.
 Ainsley is also much braver this year and excited to tube with Hunter.  She's still just a little too afraid to go by herself though.  She is yelling to get going here.
 My main man after a stellar wakeboard run.
 An annecdote from this week:
Hunter: "For some reason Mommy, it's really wet under my arms. How did I spill water there?" Aww, the joys of the first hot weekend of summer and the first year my boy is big enough to have stinky arm sweat. Oh joy.

He entered his first Lego contest with his creation and believes he has a shot at winning. So cute!
How can I tell him otherwise?
 Tessa rocked her first pony tail this week and Ainsley her first bun, though I missed a picture of that because she refused to let me take the picture.  It was the size of a quarter but her hair was all up for her ballet class (by a lot of hairspray and spit I think).
 Hunter's first time to play first base.  Ever.  This is his third year of tball.  He was absolutely thrilled!
 So we celebrated with a pancake breakfast at McDonalds (his favorite).
 Tomorrow will be our first day at the new family cabin my parents just bought up the mountain at Shaver Lake.  I made a couple of hand towels for my mom as a housewarming gift.
 This was stinkin hilarious.  Hunter spent about 45 minutes writing this song.  Which he sang to me and I video taped, but he won't let me post because it's so embarrassing (not to me, I thought it was adorable but you can't tell your 7 year old that). However, I love how he wrote the long drawn out words.  So dramatic.
Pictures from another boat day.    Off to the lake!
 For the record, Tessa loves riding the tube and doesn't like to share turns. She also fell asleep on it on one of her turns.  She also likes to drive but keeps trying to bang the throttle to make it go faster.
 Hunter participated in Raingutter Regata at Scouts and earned his wolf badge that he has been working toward all year.  It was kind of a big night.
 I have to buy three kinds of MandM's for treats because each child prefers a different kind.  
Of course they do.
 It's a sad fact but these are still in my wardrobe.  We were painting and I needed painting clothes.  So I dragged these bad boys out.  I'm slightly horrified that these are still in my ownership.  It wasn't fun painting. It was repainting the hallway from all those little grimy fingerprints that coat it.
 Fresh cut.  My hair is now wash and go again.  I let that go WAY to long between cuts.  Yikes! This is so much better!  Also, I realize my phone cover is the mother of all beasts.  However, I have an almost 2 year old who likes to steal my phone and spike it like a football.  This cover has saved it numerous times from certain death.
 Flowers in my yard after a warm spring rain.  Odd because it doesn't rain in the west when it's warm out.  Rain means cold.  So it deserved a picture.
 One night we put the kids to bed early after a dinner of corn dogs and green beans (their favorites) just so that we could then eat our crab legs, garlic mashed potatoes, salad with poppy seed dressing, and wine in peace.
 It didn't take us very long to make short work of those crab legs.
 My sister, Krista, came over and we spent the afternoon by the kiddie pool where she attempted to try on Tessa's sunglasses.

 Krista took these photos with the caption, "Guess who the domineering one is?"  Clearly.

 Last weekend I made a visit to Salinas.  I still think of it as home though I haven't lived there in a few years. My girls were again smitten with their cousins.
 I partly went to go to a baby shower for a former student of mine.  So I made these and a little cap not pictured.  I feel really old now that my former favorite 6th grade student is all grown up, happy, beautiful as ever, and having a baby.
 The shower was in Monterey so we took a walk along the coast.  I love that my parents only live 20 minutes away from this place to visit every time we go.
 Taking a walk down Cannery Row with all the children, my sisters and my parental units.  
We're practically a parade.  
 Grandparents at work.
 Bonding time with Auntie Krista at my parent's house.
 The beach in Santa Cruz where we went the next day because it was better for swimming and the kids were mad we went to the beach and there was no swimming involved.
 Building sandcastles

 After much convincing that sand didn't hurt feet, Tessa finally got in on it.

 On the pier

So there you go.  Two weeks in a nutshell of everyday photos.  Much fun was had as you can see.

May 4, 2012

Put a Bird on It

So the time has come to grow up.  That's right: To buy some "big girl" makeup.  Not that I haven't been wearing decent makeup.  But the last three summer in Fresno have done a NUMBER on my skin.  I have brown spots, wrinkles, and ACK, acne!  So I got serious, and bought the stuff that should be better for all of that, and you know what?  It's working so great!  Maybe I should have tried growing up about three summers ago. My makeup had SPF in it before, but this time, I have a ton on everyday.  Also, that Garnier spot remover stuff is actually living up to it's name.  Shocker.  The Neutragena foundation has stuff in it to clear up acne and that seems to be working as well.  So I'm paying a little more but if it fixes my skin, it'll be worth it. 
As far as facial cleanser goes though, I've found that the best thing in the world is to skip the fancy expensive stuff and just use plain Dove soap.  It's true. Sometimes simple is best.
And I thought while I was in front of the mirror today, I would show you what I wore.  It's my usual eclectic thing going.  I happen to love this tweedy brown jacket with the big dark brown leather patched elbows (which sadly aren't shown).  But it's kinda boxy and masculine.  So I put on a shirt with ruffles and my favorite fun necklace.  The long owl locket.  The short one I wear almost every day. It has my kid's names on it and my wedding date so it's kind of a staple.
When in doubt, add ruffles and put a bird on it.  More specifically, an owl. 
 I realized this should be worn with some brown boots or something more traditional.  But I don't do that kind of thing. Boots, yes.  Traditional, no.  I heart my converse.  Pretty much daily.  Also, I am shorter on the bottom half and petite.  I either have to hem every single pair of pants I own or roll them.  These happen to be of the rolled variety and are my very favorite pair of jeans.  Ever.
And where did I go today in this fine getup and shiny new makeup and awesome hair that looked like a raccoon tail chillin on my shoulder?  Well, I visited the elderly in a convalescent home and I'm pretty sure they couldn't even see it.  Then I went to my Doc so she could check out some moles of mine (They're fine, thanks for wondering).  I'm pretty sure when you are showing someone your mole, you really aren't thinking about how good you look at that point.  

So I mean, it was a super good use of a great outfit.