May 11, 2012

A Mother of a Week

Sunday is Mother's Day.
Sunday we celebrate this thing called motherhood that God has called me to.  I had a week of fun highs and frustrating lows, and that's a typical everyday life as a mother.  For all of it I am grateful.  I have many friends who are mothering in the midst of tragedy or major life change and with a fragile heart.  For them, they are experiencing the same highs and lows that comes with daily motherhood, but are also trying to put together family pieces.  I especially celebrate them this Mother's Day as they look toward hope and mother with courage and faith as they feel especially fragile. I am grateful for this time of peace in my family's life and may I remember to count my blessings on this road of motherhood I have been called on.
 High: We spent a couple days last weekend at our new family cabin bought by my parents and just an hour up the hill at Shaver Lake.  We walked down the to pond/swimming hole and had ice cream at the local sandwich shop.
 Low: Tessa was throw up sick the whole time. My worst nightmare in the gross territory. It's a curvy road too up and down the mountain which did nothing for her already upset tummy.  Her carseat still reeks and you do NOT want to know what that ice cream looked like second hand.
 High:  Hunter doted on his two little cousins who were also visiting the cabin with us.  He was precious and so were they.
High: Warm enough weather for dresses, teal toes and summer sandals.
Low: I bought the wrong nail polish remover which does not work at all.  "Non-acetone" simply means, "Don't buy me because it's like rubbing water on your toes. I don't actually remove anything unless you plan on scraping it off."
 Low: Tessa loves to climb and will climb up play surfaces and launch herself off without warning expecting I will be there to catch her every time.  I have constant heart attacks.
High: The amazing trust of a child.

 High: Another lake day.  Hunter and I were doing tricks on the tube.  Ainsley planted herself on her belly on the middle and refused to budge.  No tricks for her.
 High: Hunter got himself up out of the water on skis by himself on the first try.  He had never done this without help before. He was splitting a grin from ear to ear.
High: I tubed, skied and kneeboarded (my favorite) on glass water all day.  Come to think of it, there really wasn't a low on this family day.
Low: I woke up this morning with a migraine.  Tone is gone of course, the house needed much TLC, there was laundry to do, and orders to sew and none of that got done as I was flat on the couch all day.  A little person also took advantage of the opportunity and planted herself firmly on top of me all day too.  A wiggly toddler didn't help.

High: Falling asleep with my baby as she snuggled up to me while I rubbed her arms and back. She's still super cuddly and attached to her mommy.  Her favorite person in the whole wide world.
I do love being a mom.  Highs, lows, fun and sickness.  It comes with the territory. I am blessed.


  1. Love the highs and yes, non-acetone remover is useless. I still haven't figured out why they sell it.

  2. Thanks for the reminders that there are lows to being a mom but oh so many highs! Love all the photos too!