May 4, 2012

Put a Bird on It

So the time has come to grow up.  That's right: To buy some "big girl" makeup.  Not that I haven't been wearing decent makeup.  But the last three summer in Fresno have done a NUMBER on my skin.  I have brown spots, wrinkles, and ACK, acne!  So I got serious, and bought the stuff that should be better for all of that, and you know what?  It's working so great!  Maybe I should have tried growing up about three summers ago. My makeup had SPF in it before, but this time, I have a ton on everyday.  Also, that Garnier spot remover stuff is actually living up to it's name.  Shocker.  The Neutragena foundation has stuff in it to clear up acne and that seems to be working as well.  So I'm paying a little more but if it fixes my skin, it'll be worth it. 
As far as facial cleanser goes though, I've found that the best thing in the world is to skip the fancy expensive stuff and just use plain Dove soap.  It's true. Sometimes simple is best.
And I thought while I was in front of the mirror today, I would show you what I wore.  It's my usual eclectic thing going.  I happen to love this tweedy brown jacket with the big dark brown leather patched elbows (which sadly aren't shown).  But it's kinda boxy and masculine.  So I put on a shirt with ruffles and my favorite fun necklace.  The long owl locket.  The short one I wear almost every day. It has my kid's names on it and my wedding date so it's kind of a staple.
When in doubt, add ruffles and put a bird on it.  More specifically, an owl. 
 I realized this should be worn with some brown boots or something more traditional.  But I don't do that kind of thing. Boots, yes.  Traditional, no.  I heart my converse.  Pretty much daily.  Also, I am shorter on the bottom half and petite.  I either have to hem every single pair of pants I own or roll them.  These happen to be of the rolled variety and are my very favorite pair of jeans.  Ever.
And where did I go today in this fine getup and shiny new makeup and awesome hair that looked like a raccoon tail chillin on my shoulder?  Well, I visited the elderly in a convalescent home and I'm pretty sure they couldn't even see it.  Then I went to my Doc so she could check out some moles of mine (They're fine, thanks for wondering).  I'm pretty sure when you are showing someone your mole, you really aren't thinking about how good you look at that point.  

So I mean, it was a super good use of a great outfit.  


  1. You look so cute!

    I've missed you! Working full time from home and being full time mommy really kicked my butt this semester. But today was my last day of teaching, all of the essays are corrected, the grades are in, and this girl is officially on summer break!

    Whew! Life never felt so good :)

    Looking forward to doing a better job of keeping in touch!

    ♥ Bethany

  2. You make me laugh! You're always so stinking cute and put together. Glad to know I'm not the only short person who rolls their pants and that I'm also not the only one with adult acne. Just blame it on stress :)