Jun 20, 2012

A Butterfly Fairy Birthday Tea Party - Part 1

Part one isn't near as pretty as part 2.  I'm here to let you know so that I'm keeping it real for my peeps.  Tomorrow I'll post all of the pretty party pictures.  Today are just the instagram pics I took of my party prep.  It took a full day to prep but I enjoyed every second because when I plan a creative party, I get on some kind of creative party happy that not even whiney children can break.  So you see it's a pretty big high.  I am planning a Tinkerbell fairy butterfly tea party for Ainsley's fifth birthday.  Try saying that three times fast.  I know there are a lot of themes mished up there, but that's how it sort of evolved in Ainsley's mind as she explained it to me.  It worked. Oddly.
 I recommend coffee in a pretty mug to start off with.  It really has nothing to do with the party except that it makes my day a whole lot happier and gets my work off to a great start. Coffee in hand, I made some invitations that were pretty simple.  I already had pretty notecards so I cut out some teacups with my silhouette machine and stamped TEA on the front.  Done and done.
 We ran by Party City to get a few token little Tinkerbell things so that the Tinkerbell part of the theme was in there.  I recommend NOT bringing all three kids into a party store. All rules like "do not touch in a store" and "stay with Mommy" seemed to go out the window in that place. They got dizzy with all the little bins full of trinkets and the character themes everywhere and went crazy. It was not my finest parenting moment. They were selling these napkins and I snapped a pic to document my current mood.  It fit wonderfully.
 Anyhow, I'd like to forget that piece of my lifetime spent, and I'm moving on to document how I made the tea party hats. I cut the middle out of a paper plate, hot glued a bowl to the bottom side and there was a hat.  I punched two holes in the side and threaded tulle over the top and through the sides to make a Mary Poppin-ish tie.  Confused?  Well, it'll make sense tomorrow when you see them in action.  I prepped these ahead of time so that decorating them was easy the day of.

 Here is the tea party set up.  There were six little girls invited, but with siblings and Mommies also coming, I didn't have room at the table for all.  So the girls got their own little setup and I left the big table for more seating and food presentation.  The girls sat on little cushions and it worked really well.  Plus they could reach much better.
 Here is a better view of the hat making station.  The girls got to pick 5 flowers and I hot glued them to the tops.
No fairy tea party is complete without some pretty clothes. We set up a dressup station too. Ainsley has a HUGE trunk filled with dress ups and we just pulled out all the glittery ones and set up a mirror and backdrop.  I also put a bunch of scarves, fancy headbands, bracelets and necklaces on a chair.
 A family tradition that I had when I was little and still continue with my kids is making the kid's cake the night before for the kids to find when they wake up in the morning.  We had flower cupcakes with butterflies on top, and I made Ainsley a tiny little three tiered cake of her own.  I would have gotten a better picture in the morning, but a certain two year old found it and dug fingers through the frosting before I rescued it.  I managed to fix it, but the frosting continued to look a little wonky.

 Here is the big table set up the night before. Ainsley was thrilled to wake up and see it. Since Tessa turned 2 the same week as Ainsley, we gave her a token 2 candle cupcake as well.
So there you have it.  Stay tuned for part 2.  I promise it has the pretty pictures.  Although I throw real life parties.  Anyone ever notice how parties pictured on most blogs make you think, does anyone in real life actually attend and is this a real place?  Is this all staged?  
I'm here to tell ya.  Mine are real, and fingers get drug through my cakes.

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  1. You host the cutest kid parties! I just had flashbacks to my childhood of being in a party store! There's just something about all those bins of stuff that can be touched. It's irresistible!