Jun 21, 2012

A Butterfly Fairy Tea Party - Part 2

 Yesterday, I showed you all of my phone pictures of tea party set up.  They were not the best ones, but the day of the party, I asked my sister to come over and take pictures for me.  I realized with a million little ones and Mommy friends to talk to, and running a party, pictures were not going to be first priority.  So my sister snapped all of these for me on my camera.  Thank you Krista.  
  I used my plain white tea cups and put out a little doll set at each place as well for their dollies to pretend to drink as well.  Ainsley requested black cherry tea.  Of course she did.  It had cherry in the name. It was iced and not hot as little girls can burn themselves and really I think they like cold tea better. Also it was 105 degrees outside.  No joke.   
 Favors were cheesy Tinkerbell odds and ends but at least they were wrapped cute with teacup tags and organza bags. Here was the tea table set up.  The girls sat on cushions around my coffee table.  It was the perfect size for five year olds.
 We played dress up to kick our party off.  The girls got to pick out a fancy outfit from Ainsley's vast collection and check themselves out in the mirror.  What do you think Ainsley?
 Then I let them put on lip gloss and light pink glittery eye shadow.  Fairies are glittery don't you know.  Oh yeah, this was a Tinkerbell fairy butterfly tea party, so we definitely tried to get all that in there the day of the party.  You try that.  It took some crazy inventing, but that's what Ainsley wanted.  Also, I'm here to keep it real.  I realized when everyone arrived I had yet to get my youngest ready.  She was still bare bottomed under her dress from potty training and her hair was ratted out as it hadn't been combed yet.  I stuck a diaper on her quickly and called it good.  She still dressed up with the five year old glamour pros.
I used a couple of old suitcases to throw the dresses in.  My backdrop is a shower curtain. True statement. Crates, and old mirror, butterfly wings and a little chair draped with necklaces and scarves (to the left unseen) completed the look.

After dressing up, we made tea party hats.  If you missed how I prepped them, go back a day in my posts (they are basically just paper plates and bowls).  I  did my best, by the way, to look the part of a tea party hostess the day of as well.  How about a fifties dress and apron?

The girls picked out five flowers from Dollar Tree bunches I ripped off the stems and threw in a basket the day before.  They brought them to me and I glued them to the tops of their hats.

The hats were really adorable.
Then it was time for tea!
 I really thought the girls would eat in two seconds and be done.  They sat there forever.  I think they liked it more than I thought.  Don't you love how the lion is propped up to join them?
   I even put cream and sugar on the table.  Guess how many girls put sugar in their tea?  All of them.  That's why I put a miniscule spoon in the sugar bowl.   Just in case though I also offered some juice and a couple of girls after one taste of tea asked for it. 
 I served finger sandwiches with fruit and chips.  I wanted all the kids to actually like lunch.  They polished off that whole tray and all the fruit.  Dainty girls can eat I tell you.
Fabric banners hung behind the birthday chair.

 See my miniscule sugar spoon?  Also, each cup had a different colored ribbon tied on the handle so they wouldn't get their cups mixed up.
I seriously was going to say no presents, but when I told Ainsley, she seriously thought I was joking and then gave me the MOST evil look.  She had never been to a party where there were no presents.  So I reluctantly tabled that and she got to open presents in the fancy chair.
I knew Tessa was going to be eyeing those bad boys too, so I took some old preschool puzzles of Hunter's that he had outgrown and wrapped them for Tessa.  They were new to her and it solved buying Tessa anything or asking friends to bring two presents for the girls.  It is fresh in Tessa's mind that she gets presents with Ainsley too since their birthdays are together.
Then it was time for cake.  I found these Wilton wrappers, and with plastic butterflies on the top, they turned out pretty darn cute.  I have a couple of different cake plates so I just stacked them to make a cupcake tower.
Ainsley got her own little three tiered cake.  She was delighted with it.  Three other girls decided to help her eat it after they had polished off their cupcakes.  I told you these dainty girls could chow down.

We gave Tessa her own little cupcake to blow out as well.  She's two!
She knew just what to do and blew it out all by herself.

We didn't play any games.  I know little girls would much rather run off to play and do their own games and so they did before it was time to go.  
Happy birthday to my beautiful little girls!  I love you both so much!
PS. If you missed it, here's part one where I was prepping the hats and setting it up.

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  1. How fun! You should go into the party planning business. Those hats are adorable and I think my favorite part is how affordable they are!