Jun 20, 2012

The last two weeks via Instragram

It's another instagram, "what have I been doing with my so called life", picture dump.
I know you want to know.
Okay well here's my juicy gossip about my life, fascinating as it.
First up.  One of my hydrangeas started blooming the week of Tessa's birthday.  It's pretty cool because it was given to me when Tessa was born and I planted it in the garden.  This hydrangea has really different flowers on it too which are eye catching and gorgeous.
This was the first time all three of us painted our toe nails together.  In the life of a mother-daughter relationship, I felt this was monumental and documented it.  We even have matching white flower stickers.  Oh my my.
One night while we waited for Hunter to get home from Boy Scout camp, Ainsley and I sat out on the front porch together and took pictures.  I love summer evenings.
Hunter had his last baseball game of the year.  He is on the Giants.  We are A's fans.  So I broke down and wore the only orangey thing I had to support him.  
He did great!  He actually got three good hits off the "t" which we worked all season for.  We celebrated with icecream at McDonalds.
Tessa wakes up like this every single morning.  It's rather incredible.  It takes a lot of water and spit shine to get that out.
Here she is all combed out.  We are potty training this week so clothes are optional.  She went almost a week without any success.  She knew if she went in the potty chair she would get MM's, but she wouldn't.  Ainsley finally said, "I want some MM's. I'll go potty in her chair,"  and before I could stop her she sat right down and did while showing Tessa.  So thinking this could be a good learning example, however odd, I gave Ainsley MM's.  Tessa studied it for two minutes, then sat right down and peed in the potty chair.  
Ainsley, you might just have been my favorite daughter right then.
Ainsley had her first dance recital on a big stage.  It was absolutely hysterical.  She was SO excited and was bouncing around the house all day about her outfit and real makeup.  The actual performance she tried so hard to keep up with the music.  She almost tripped and her movements were way over done.  Right the middle she did a big exaggerated sigh and body droop.  She stole the show.  Thank you Ainsley for being the comedic relief to an otherwise really LOOOOOOONG show.  We are so dang proud of your hard work this year.  Ballet was a challenge for her and hard sometimes, but she stuck with it and finally made it to the big show.
Summer days have been hot!  I have enjoyed working in my garden in the hour before sundown when everything cools off.  Flowers and gardening are a form of therapy for me.
We are starting to put on a show for the street.
Hunter has been at Boy Scout camp from 3 to 8:30pm everyday.  It's little boy heaven.  He's shot BB guns, bow and arrows, learned to cast for fish, and ran around getting sweaty with a lot of other boys.
He looks impressive, right?
My sister didn't want this chair anymore and it became mine.  It has broken two front feet for Tone to reattach so right now it's on blocks looking ghetto.  However, it's an easy fix and I love it and it's in good shape otherwise.  Also, I feel like I should be male, in a velvet robe with my cigar and brandy every time I sit in it.  It's definitely a reading chair, right?
What's this one?  Just a typical pic I find filling up my camera all the time.  My kids are suckers for silly pictures.  
It's my daily life.

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  1. I love your house. Will you please teach me how to keep a flower bed?!? Mine look horrible all the time and I'm fairly certain that my neighbors talk about them. Tessa's morning hair is awesome. She must sleep on her head! Ainsley is going to be a teacher, life coach, something...no one potty trains a kid that fast without mad skill.